A/B testing — getting it right to see bigger wins

71 A/B testing ideas. Almost anything can be A/B tested online. The team at Optimizely have come up with 71 in fact, including copy, visual media and calls to action. The question remains however; what are you going to do with the answers?

3 real-life examples of incredibly successful A/B tests. To help you figure out how A/B testing can have an impact, Robin Johnson has detailed 3 interesting examples. Finding a variation that drives up revenue by 43% like Electronic Arts did, truly underlines the importance of this practice.

A or B. For a more generalized overview of A/B testing, it’s good to go to the folks at NPR. The team explores how the practice is invading, if that’s not too strong a word, every part of our lives. Ultimately, the question is whether we are seeing real improvements around us or if the world is getting more effective at telling us stories.

7 A/B testing blunders that even experts make. There are pitfalls to the practice of A/B testing. Neil Patel lists a bunch of potential blunders such as switching the test off after you’ve reached a statistically significant number, believing that variations are always going to be game changers and testing too many variables at once.