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Product Managers: 31 Blogs You Should Follow to Up Your Game

It also makes sense to listen to those who are discussing the latest trends, practices, and news relating to our profession. Danni Friedland gives you several blogs to which you should subscribe.

50 Things I’ve Learned about Product Management

Similarly, John Cutler has put together an extensive list. This list is focused on lessons from his career. Things that jump out include the reminder that people who have given up on your product are not taking part in your NPS surveys, and that sometimes you need to get out of the way — you don’t have to be involved in every conversation.

What Distinguishes the Top 1% of Product Managers from the Top 10%?

You can be a good Product Manager. Or a great one. But what would make you one of the 1% of Product Managers that consistently excel at their jobs? Ian McAllister offers a list of abilities that this person must have. For instance, along with having a firm grasp on the big picture items such as market opportunities and positioning, this person must be a superior communicator.

The Career Dilemma: Hunter Walk’s Advice to Product Managers

You have to question whether you want to continue directly managing product, or become a manager of people doing this work. Hunter Walk, during his time at Linden Labs and YouTube, realized that progress needn’t mean the latter.