September 17

API Product Management

If you’ve done any amount of product management on a SaaS product you’ve most likely heard “yes… but will it integrate with…?” The ability to integrate with a host of other products is an expected capability, so that means that product managers need to have an understanding of APIs as part of their toolkit.

A product manager’s guide to APIs. We live in a world where technology reigns and data presides at every corner. As users of many different products, we’re no longer looking for the best product to get the job done, we’re now looking for the product that gets the job done AND works seamlessly with all other products we use. Therefore, it has become increasingly important to understand tools that simplify workflows and integrate components to provide a seamless user experience for our customers. Akshayaa Govindan put this guide to APIs together to help your team get better at forming the necessary links and connections to simplify workflows via APIs.

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APIs explained for product managers. APIs are seemingly more and more important to product managers as more and more products offer APIs which do cool things and open up new opportunities for customer growth and revenue. Richard Holmes examines what APIs are and what the most important things to learn about APIs are as a product manager so that you can apply some of this knowledge in your daily role as a product person both in your conversations with stakeholders and your engineering team.

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How to write a user story for an API product. You may have wondered about how detailed user stories about API product features should be. There are no right and wrong answers, but you should establish an understanding with your product team about how detailed your stories should be. Sameera Weerakoon shares what she has found to be a good structure for user stories dealing with APIs so that you can provide your team the proper level of information.

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7 Ways API & SDK solutions help product managers move faster.  Today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape favors short feedback loops and requires roadmap flexibility to pivot and solve customers’ most pressing problems as they arise. As a result, the best product managers thrive on their ability to move quickly, minimizing time to market for feature releases. Mike Ranellone explains you can’t achieve compressed time cycles just by working harder — you also need to work with APIs and SDKs to move faster than ever before.

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What is a great API product management? As more and more companies understand how valuable it is to consider APIs as Products, there is a growing demand for API Product Managers. What’s tricky is that APIs are not like any other products. They have their own challenges that need to be tackled carefully. The folks at Blobr describe how an API Product Manager has a 360 view on that API practice.

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