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Kent J McDonald

Kent J McDonald writes about and practices software product management. He has IT and product development experience in a variety of industries including financial services, health insurance, nonprofit, and automotive. Kent is a product manager at LenderClose and provides just in time resources for product owners and business analysts at and Product Collective. When not writing or product managing, Kent is his family’s #ubersherpa, listens to jazz and podcasts (but not necessarily podcasts about jazz), and collects national parks.

Soliciting Customer Feedback

You know you’re supposed to get out of the building. You know you’re supposed to talk to your customers. You also know that your supposed to exercise regularly and eat healthy. It’s one thing to know you’re supposed to do…

Early Product-Market Validation

While confirmation boxes in software may be a bit annoying, having that additional sanity check might be helpful when you’re building a new product. Just imagine, you’re rolling down the path of the next big thing, when suddenly a voice out of nowhere calls out “Are you sure you want to launch that product?” Since you probably don’t have that type of confirmation, here are some ways you can validate your product market fit early on.

Customer Creation and Company Building

Most of what you read about customer development focuses on the first two steps. That’s probably a good thing since one key idea that Steve Blank was trying to get across is that you should understand your customers and their problems before you get too big. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t scale. You just shouldn’t scale too soon. Here are some things to consider when it does come time to create customers and build your business.

Graduating from an MVP

Working on an MVP is somewhat like going to college. In both cases the goal is to learn things that position you to earn in the future. When you graduate from college you start a job, start a business, or…

Testing MVPs With Your Customers

You can keep your MVP focused on a specific problem and deliver it quickly. But you must take the time to learn from your customer’s reactions and iterate on that information. This week’s resources give you ways you can test…