October 7

Clearing the Fog from Product Marketing

You could be forgiven for thinking that a role with the title product marketing manager is self explanatory. You manage the marketing of your product, right? Ahh… It’s not quite that easy. Turns out there’s a bit of haziness around what product marketing is and what product marketing managers do. Here are some resources that should lift some of the fog around this misunderstood, but critical role in the world of product.

The role of product marketing—and why startups need to define it. If you aren’t clear on what product marketing is, how it’s different from product management, and what the responsibilities of a product marketer are, you’re not alone. To help clear things up, Saeed Khan explains how companies should and should not define this important role.

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What is Product Marketing, and what do PMMs do?  Although product marketing is a known professional description, people often struggle to understand its meaning. One reason for this is, product marketing is the job function that sits at the intersection of product management, sales, client success, user experience, and marketing. As a result, the product marketing function varies significantly from company to company and it sometimes even means different things at the same organization. To bring some clarity, the folks at Setapp provide a general explanation of product marketing and explain what product marketing managers do.

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The four pillars of product marketing. If your understanding of product marketing is squishy and ill defined then other teams or leaders will define it for you based on their experience and assumptions. That means you’ll have a harder time deepening your skills and cultivating our craft if team members don’t have clear career paths. In an attempt to make product marketing less squishy, Lindsay Bayuk describes product marketing in terms of four pillars: intelligence, positioning, launch, and enablement.

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What does a product marketing manager do? Behind every successful product, there are a lot of stakeholders who all play critical roles in turning a vision into tangible results. One of those stakeholders is the product marketing manager (PMM) – a role that isn’t given due credit when discussing product development teams. A PMM oversees all of the marketing programs of new and/or existing products. However, the role entails a lot more than just that, and recruiters often don’t fully understand the job description. To help PMMs get the credit they are due, Josh Fechter discusses the product marketing manager role in great depth.

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The product marketing getting started guide.  The folks at RocketBlocks put together a guide about product marketing that will help you learn more about the product marketing manager (PMM) role and help you find your first (or next) product marketing manager role. The guide covers PMM role basics, details of the PMM function, and how to prep for PMM interviews.

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