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Let’s face it – most of us never went to school to become Product Managers and never received any sort of formal training. We’ve had to rely on simply figuring things out on our own.  We’re often asking ourselves questions like:  What is the impact of my work? How can I get my team on track? What will really make a difference to my stakeholders?  Or simply… Am I doing this right?

With Product Collective Pro, you now have the resources and support so that you and your team can get to the next level of Product Management, faster. Members get access to monthly small-group sessions with product experts for advice, quarterly live, intensive half-day virtual workshops, curated educational resources, 100+ hours of on-demand videos, and access to two full-day Virtual Conferences each year – all in a collaborative community platform designed for members to learn from each other.

Take the next big leap and join your product peers on Product Collective Pro.


Product Collective Pro is an annual membership focused on giving you the tools, resources, and network to help you progress to where you want to be, faster.

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The number of members of Product Collective Pro is kept deliberately low to ensure that each member gets the attention that they deserve from the Product Collective team, guest experts and your peers.

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Register below to receive full access for 12 full months. After that, you’ll have the option to renew.

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Be more confident about testing your ideas, prioritizing your features, understanding data, building out your roadmap, and ultimately, managing your products and team better.


Get exposed to new ways of thinking about creating products, replete with actionable steps that you can immediately bring back to the office.


Teams that learn together, grow together. Help motivate and retain your entire team with an Enterprise membership -- providing access to learning, support and peer networking for all team members, all at a fraction of the cost of a customized training program.


Get internal stakeholders to think like product people and buy into what the customer truly needs. As a result, you'll get more time from your designers and engineers, budget for new tools and find more time to focus on higher-level strategy


There are few places to find a tight-knit community of product people to turn to. With Product Collective Pro, you have a unique opportunity to instantly tap into a network of like-minded product people interested in learning and growing together.



Product Collective Pro works closely with top Product Management facilitators and practitioners to create and deliver challenging workshops. These are live, interactive half-day workshops delivered in a virtual setting – kept intentionally small enough for you to to get the personal attention that you need from our facilitators.


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How to 'Product Manage' Your Career

Tami Reiss

Product Leader Coach

Thursday, April 13th at 4pm EST

You've learned how to manage products using customer discovery techniques, agile, and lean… now see how the same tools can be applied to your career. Learn from Tami Reiss, The Product Leader Coach, how to set a vision for your work and life, then how to assess the gaps between your current situation and your desired state, and finally how to take the right steps to achieve your goals


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Moving Up Into Product Leadership

Strategies for product managers to elevate themselves into product leadership roles. Designed for product managers, this Workshop is perfect for anyone thinking about moving up the product org chart, or newly promoted product leaders wanting stronger peer support.

Jobs to be Done

While a trendy topic for product people, Jobs to be Done is often misunderstood. While not a panacea, when understood and used correctly -- the Jobs to be Done framework is meant to help product people uncover the "jobs" our customers are hiring for. This Workshop helps us understand these jobs, and enjoy the benefits once we can tailor our products to them.

Focusing on the Problem-Space

Often times, product people focus on their solution -- they ignore the central problem their customers are experiencing. This Workshop challenges product people to stop thinking solution-first, and instead discover and solve for their customers' key problems.


Each month, members can join intimate and interactive sessions with Product Management luminaries, including popular past speakers from INDUSTRY: The Product Conference. These sessions are only for Product Collective Pro members, and you’ll have a chance to ask questions of your own.


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The Amazing Flywheel Effect

Michael Sacca

CPO at Dribbble

Thursday, February 23rd at 3pm EST

Whether you’re working within a B2B, B2C, eCommerce or enterprise product, you're likely always looking for ways to positively impact growth. In this discussion, we'll dig in on the concept of flywheels -- which can be applied to everything from onboarding experiences to a complex multi-function sales process -- and are designed to create sustainable product growth.

The Essence of Product

Christian Idiodi

Partner at Silicon Valley Product Group

Tuesday, February 28th at 1pm EST

We call ourselves "Product People." But what does this *actually* mean? Why is it sometimes so confusing to explain to somebody outside of tech what a product manager actually does? We'll dig into Christian's keynote talk from INDUSTRY 2022 -- The Essence of Product -- to understand not just how to define what product people do, but why understanding the essence of product is so important... even for the most experienced product people.

Building Platforms

April Underwood

Co-Founder of #ANGELS, Board Member of Zillow and Eventbrite, and former CPO of Slack

Thursday, March 16th at 1pm EST

Managing a Product is hard enough. But what's really involved when you begin to build an entire platform? In this discussion, we'll dive into what Product Managers ought to know about Platform product management -- learning from somebody who oversaw product at Slack -- a company whose platform is used by most product people today.

Powerful Product Positioning: How to Make your Market Work for You

April Dunford

Author of Obviously Awesome

Tuesday, March 28th at 1pm EST

Positioning can make or break a new product, yet it rarely gets the attention it deserves. Mastery of the concept can mean the difference between success and failure of your product, your company, or even your career.

Essential Skills of Innovators

Bob Moesta

Co-Architect of the Jobs to be Done Framework & CEO at the Rewired Group

Tuesday, April 18 at 1pm EST

How do you see innovation and harness it effectively to make it work? How do people learn, and how can they work more effectively? Every innovator comes across daily problems that they don’t know how to answer or where to even start thinking about the answer. We'll dig into all of this, and more!

Love the Problem

Ash Maurya

Founder of LEANSTACK

Thursday, April 27 at 3pm EST

Most products fail, simply because we build something nobody wants. This begs the obvious question: Why does this happen and how do you build what customers do want? Traditional approaches like surveys, focus groups, and even directly asking customers don’t work because customers themselves often don’t know what they want. We'll dig into all of this and more in this session.


Each year, Product Collective organizes two Virtual editions of INDUSTRY: The Product Conference for a day-long virtual conference experience – including keynote talks, interactive small group discussions, live video Q&A with our speakers, and more. While most people pay for this experience, every Product Collective Pro member receives complimentary access to both Virtual editions of INDUSTRY each year in the Spring and Fall.


While the live sessions, workshops, and virtual conferences will help you learn year-round – Product Collective Pro members also have on-demand access to over 100 hours of product management video content to help you continue to learn on your own terms – focused on topics like Product Leadership, Product Strategy, Customer Development, Discovery, and more.


Come for the content – but stay for the community! Our Product Collective Pro Member Hub is a place where you can connect with other members, share and solicit feedback, and build real relationships with product people who are facing similar challenges. Plus, the Member Hub is a central place to find info on upcoming sessions, access on-demand content, and more.


From monthly virtual meetups to discounts from our partners to in-person “extras” you’ll receive at our conferences… Product Collective Pro members should expect to receive other surprise bonus benefits throughout the year.


  • Access to quarterly half-day workshops (up to $2,400 value)
  • Access to Monthly Expert Sessions and Virtual Meetups
  • Pass to up to two (2) Virtual editions of INDUSTRY each year ($198 value)
  • On-Demand access to 100+ hours of Product Management videos ($120 value)
  • Members-only Community Forum


  • All benefits of Monthly Membership, plus
  • Save nearly $900/year by committing to a 12-month experience with Product Collective Pro.  
  • $100 off any in-person INDUSTRY: The Product Conference events.


  • All benefits of Standard Membership, plus
  • Access to Product Collective Pro at a discounted rate for your entire team, allowing you all to get on the same page, level up your skills, and become a highly functioning Product Management organization -- all at a fraction of the cost of a customized training program.
  • Optional upgrade to VIP status for members of your team, with a pass to any INDUSTRY in-person conference.