Level up your product career with small-group coaching from today’s top product leaders – plus a whole lot more.

Few of us went to school for Software Product Management. It wasn't even a widely understood field when we were starting our careers – and it’s still misunderstood! We want to excel at our jobs and build products that people love to use, but many of us are left wondering, "am I doing this right?

You don’t have to do this alone. In fact, many don’t. The lucky ones can either afford to hire an individual product coach or have a highly experienced leader in their organization that has the time to mentor them.

For everyone else, there is Collective Coaching, by Product Collective.  You’ll get access to personalized, small-group coaching from some of today’s top product experts. Plus, access to over 100 hours of video content, a community to turn to, and more. 

HOW IT Works

You can join Product Coach at any time. Then, each month you have the opportunity to join one of several group sessions, limited to just 15 Product Managers. Each session will be lead by a renowned product leader and will tackle different topics like roadmaps, analytics, customer development and more.

And the learning does not stop there – members will also gain access to a next generation community and learning platform that will allow you to share your experiences with your peers throughout the year.



This program will only be available to 30 people in its Beta launch – and each participant receives:

Access to monthly, small-group coaching from today’s top product coaches and leaders at a fraction of the cost of individual coaching. 

Unlimited access to INDUSTRY On Demand throughout the duration of your membership, with over 100 hours of product management videos of past conference talks, virtual fireside chats, webinars, and more.

Private communication channel for all members, with weekly discussion starters.

Complimentary pass to a future Virtual edition of INDUSTRY: The Product Conference.

No risk – cancel at any time (and you can even keep your conference pass!)


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TBD’s Beta Launch kicks off in October 2022, and is only open to 30 people

At just $199/month with the ability to cancel at any time, Collective Coaching will help you level up your career without breaking the bank or requiring a long-term commitment.

Join the early invite list for Collective Coaching's Beta Launch by registering your interest below.