Key Takeaways from INDUSTRY: The Product Conference held in Ireland each Spring, and Cleveland each Fall.

22 Aug Product Management Tactics — Prototype First

KEY TAKEAWAY At Basecamp, there is no backlog. But a team isn’t assigned to work on an idea until a certain level of work is completed first and that idea is in some sort of prototype form. OUR TAKE No backlog?  That’s blasphemy!  But that’s one of the...

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14 Aug Product Management Tactics — Products Aren’t the Solution

KEY TAKEAWAY Products are a tool for the customer to progress and reach their own solution. If customers cannot figure out the product or figure out how to progress, that is your problem, not theirs. OUR TAKE As product people, we at Product Collective liked to think that...

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13 Aug Product Management Tactics — Feedback Finds Solutions

KEY TAKEAWAY Demand-side innovation uses feedback from consumers and finds solutions. That works better than supply-side innovation, which will fail if the demand is not present. OUR TAKE Once we can actually define innovation -- it’s not just as simple to say, “OK… let’s innovate!”   Bob Moesta previously...

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13 Aug Product Management Tactics — Inventions Versus Innovations

KEY TAKEAWAY Invention is creating anything. Innovation is creating something that has a lasting impact on the world. Innovation builds on previous innovations. Moesta gives the example of the Segway as an invention, but the typewriter as an innovation. The typewriter, with its QWERTY keyboard, continue...

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17 Jul Product Management Tactics — Ignore The Copycats

KEY TAKEAWAY Don’t worry too much about copycats. For a long time, Fried found competitors stealing their designs. Eventually, he realized, when someone copies, they don’t understand the context of the copied product, and therefore won’t know where to go next. They’ll always play catch up,...

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