Product Marketing TIPS


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Product Management vs. Product Marketing

Industry pundits claim that 9 out of 10 product releases are failures in that they don’t meet their goals.” Marty Cagan argues that the root cause of these “wasted releases can most often be traced to how the role of product manager is defined at your company, and the capabilities of the people you choose for this role.” A key part of that definition is identifying the difference between product management and product marketing as it is understood in your organization. Marty takes a look at the different ways product management and product marketing coexist and starts out with these definitions: “I define the role of the product manager first and foremost as the person responsible for defining – in detail – the product that the engineering team will build. I define the role of product marketing as responsible for telling the world about this product.” (via @cagan)

Product Management vs.Product Marketing. The Struggle is Real.

Does your organization have both product management and product marketing? Have you experienced some angst as a result? Howie Fung tries to “disambiguate the roles as well as offer a view on product marketing/management configurations.” (via @howiefung)

Product Marketing vs. Product Management: Two Distinct Roles

Have you ever wondered what the difference is (or even if there is one) between product marketing and product management? Ritika Puri can help you out. After reflecting on her years of “reading job boards, consulting for product marketing teams at tech companies, working with product managers, and working on business education programs for these two roles,” she put together this guide that compares product marketing and product management in order to provide some clarity. (via @ritika_puri)

The 10 Commandments of Product Marketing

Scott Lang reflects back on his dozen years of experience at three different companies to create this list of essentials which he refers to as The 10 Commandments of Product Marketing. These commandments are built around the constituencies you serve: “sales, product management, and business, press and analysts, competitors, partners and most importantly, customers.” (via @scottinohio)

What is Product Marketing?

Product marketing is the process of bringing a product to market and overseeing its overall success.” It includes activities such as understanding your customers, driving demand for your product and writing messaging. Product marketing sits “at the intersection of product, sales, and marketing “ which means it can have a big impact and be hard to define. To help you get a better understanding of product marketing, Dave Gerhardt created this guide to product marketing. (via @davegerhardt)