Product Strategy TIPS


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Jeff Bezo’s Brilliant Long-Term Strategy

If there’s one thing that will ultimately define Bezo’s legacy, it will be his obsession with the long-term. From the 10,000 year clock he built underground to how he maintains the steady growth of Amazon while sacrificing short-term profits, each initiative is designed to have a huge impact far in the future. For the Product Manager, this means being extremely customer-centric as opposed to focusing too much on what your competitors are doing.

See Growth as a By-Product of Doing a Good Job

Jason Fried believes that “sustainable, long-term growth compounds in all sorts of positive ways“. He does not direct his product team to weigh on a long-term vision. Instead, he asserts, by creating great products the future will take care of itself.

How to Distinguish Between Your Product Roadmap, Product Strategy, and Product Vision

It’s probably fair to say that many of us will not see a distinction between these three activities. Cliff Gilley uses a nice space travel-themed analogy to explain how a vision should come from the top and be something that everyone rallies around. A strategy is a collection of techniques to get you there. And finally, roadmaps are high-level steps that are going to be followed in order to deliver each of these techniques.

How to Develop a Focused Product Strategy to Back Up Your UI/UX Decisions

The number one tool that Jane Portman underlines for a successful product strategy is to be “focused, purposeful and adamant“. Doing so requires a significant amount of work that Jane has outlined, including finding ideal users, figuring out their big goal and understanding their common tasks.

Product Strategy in a Growing Company

After achieving a product-market fit and building a substantial user base you will be faced with a new problem — that of users using your product in unexpected ways and expecting you to support them. Des Traynor shares how you can maintain a focus on building a holistic product rather than on a set of tools trying to appease too many edge cases.

What is Good Product Strategy?

Your product strategy is not simply a plan with set outputs. Instead, Melissa Perri suggests, it’s a “system of achievable goals and visions that work together to align the team around desirable outcomes for both the business and your customers.” More specifically a strategy contains your vision, your first big goal, your target condition and your current state (compared to where you want to be).