User Testing TIPS


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How to Start User Testing at Your Company

There are several reasons people do not do user testing at their company including time, money, and fear. Lee Munroe describes how he overcame those reasons and introduced regular user testing at his company. He also provides some tips on how you can do the same for your organization.

Partnering to Improve Usability

One of the reasons you do user testing is to overcome biases that influence your designs. One of the reasons you ask an outside group to help with your user tests is so that those biases don’t also influence your user tests. Krystina Edwards shared her experience of working with her inhouse interaction design group to improve her team’s user testing.

How to Use Card Sorting to Understand Your User’s Domain Knowledge

Card sorting is a “UX research technique in which users organize topics into groups.” Katie Sherwin explains how to use card sorting to understand how your users structure their domain knowledge so that you can organize information on your site in a way that matches your users’ expectations.

Top 5 User Testing Methods

Nick Babich takes a look at the top 5 user testing methods (usability testing, focus groups, beta testing, A/B testing, and surveys), explains when to use each one and makes note of key things to remember for each method.

Will Your Design Work?

Zurb defines user testing as “a method for engaging would-be customers to learn whether our designs work in the wild”. This description of user testing includes four methods for conducting a test, explains how to run a test and describes how you can summarize the results.

What Customers Can and Can’t Do for Product Managers

While it’s true that not staying in touch with your customers and end users is a giant mistake, there are ways to listen to customers — and then there are ways that customers can lead you astray.  Here are a few things that your customers can (should) do for you, and several customer traps that you don’t want to find yourself in as a product person.

Why All Product Feedback is Not Created Equal

Feedback from your customers is clearly a crucial part of product development. So why then is it sometimes so difficult to receive and deal with it? According to Mike Belsito, the reality is that not all feedback will be important or relevant. For it to be useful, you must carefully consider the source and your overall product strategy, too.

User Testing Explained

Jerry Cao does an awesome job in comprehensively describing several User Testing methods. Check the article out to learn the differences between moderated and unmoderated tests, the benefit of stripping out the UI to test information architecture with Tree Testing and how to benchmark your test results.