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Product Brief #15: please make yourself uncomfortable

Three ways to harness the power of innovation. Sure, there may be many ways to be innovative, but our friends at Pragmatic Marketing are highlighting three in our first Product Lunch webinar on 5/18. Join us to talk about agile development, action-oriented data and design by registering for...

Product Brief #13: getting greedy, building debt and needing more budget

Fixing Twitter. Companies that have benefitted from their visionary CEO sticking around oftentimes have a much more powerful product definition and strategy. Just look at Facebook, Amazon or Netflix. Although Jack Dorsey has probably been given a disproportionate amount of credit as one of the founders...

Product Brief #10: How to be a great product person

73 Articles and Books that will Make you a Great Product Manager. Since product people tend to come from an array of different specialities, self-education is a critical step along the road to success. I suspect that most product people cherish this rather than considering...