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A/B Testing

Which is better A… or…. B? B… or… A? Eye doctors have used a form of A/B testing for quite a while, so why wouldn’t the technique work for product people? The best way to select from a couple of options is to compare how they perform in the same conditions and see which one brings the best results. Read below to see how you can use A/B testing to bring your product decisions into a clearer focus.

What is A/B testing? When you A/B test you present two or more versions of a situation, each with a specific change, and then analyze the results of each interaction. A/B tests help you mature your high traffic, mature product by helping you find the small tweaks that will improve its impact. Jacob Barrera Loredo provides an overview of A/B testing for product people, including a look at the types of A/B tests and the tools you can use.

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How to drive product growth with A/B testing. Mark Marcello facilitates A/B testing for his company’s clients. In this video, Mark reflects on that experience to explain several aspects of A/B testing, including why growth experimentation is important, what things a company should do to make money, best practices, interactive case studies, and the power of intuition.

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The intuition behind A/B Testing. You may find that you have several questions about A/B testing, such as: What is the point of A/B tests and why do we test new things? What do the results of A/B Tests tell us? How confident should you feel about the result of an A/B Test? How do you really understand what is happening in an A/B Test? How can you avoid many of the mistakes common to people who are just starting out A/B testing? Aditya Rustgi addresses many of these questions about A/B testing with the use of an example.

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Rent The Runway Product Lead on How A/B Testing Goes Wrong.  If you’ve run an A/B test before, you’ve probably experienced one of three results. Winner: It is statistically likely that your treatment has positively influenced the success metric. Loser: It is statistically likely that your treatment has negatively influenced the success metric. Flat: You have no evidence that the thing you spent weeks building and launching and measuring made any difference whatsoever to the metrics you care most about. Laura Burkhauser explains why flat A/B tests are true failures and provide three things you can do to avoid them.

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7 A/B Testing Examples To Bookmark.  If your organization wants to flourish in today’s highly competitive market and sell more of your product you need to build a scalable experimentation culture. SEO, content marketing, and paid advertising may dramatically help drive more traffic to your product, but it’s the magic of A/B testing and the repeatability of wins brought about by a culture of experimentation that can get more conversions and high revenues on the plate. Astha Khandelwal shares seven case studies showcasing how some of the world’s leading companies have used A/B testing and the culture of experimentation to their advantage.

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