April 30

Becoming a Growth Product Manager

Want your organization to focus on a specific aspect of product management? Create a specific role to apply focus on that aspect. Hence, if you want to grow revenue, then you need a growth product manager! Here’s a look at what a growth product manager is, how to become one, and what they can learn from other product managers.

Who are Growth Product Managers? Growth Product Managers are responsible for leading experimentation along with data-driven decision-making in an organization to drive products to reach the next level of scale, impact, and profitability. Ragini Vaid explains that you need to know the ins and outs of monetization, from designing pricing plans to determining optimal price points using pricing metrics. Your long term goal is to increase revenue for the product.

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Growth Product Manager. The folks at ProductPlan explain that a growth product manager focuses on improving a business metric or goal (e.g., acquisition, activation, retention, referral, or revenue) by removing barriers to value. Like a traditional product manager, a growth product manager is concerned with solving customer problems but prioritizes initiatives that drive the most significant business outcome.

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How to Become a Kickass Growth Product Manager In this video Craig Zingerline explains the basics of growth, and why a growth PM is an incredibly exciting and valuable role. He describes how to approach product development from a growth driven mindset, and shares example growth tests, and come out with your own set of ideas you can start testing within your product management framework

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What To Do In Your First 90 Days As A Product Growth Manager? The product growth manager is responsible for unlocking the growth opportunities at every stage of the user journey through product experiments. The folks at UserPilot take a closer look at who a product growth manager is exactly, their responsibilities, why their role is important, and what to do in the first 90 days as a product growth manager.

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What core and growth product managers can teach each other  As product becomes intrinsically related to business outcomes, the product manager role has evolved to reflect its more direct influence on business growth. One element of this evolution is the emergence of a new kind of product manager—the growth PM. This role is quickly gaining traction in a world where agility and adaptability are crucial capabilities. Organizations that have adopted this role are now trying to define and fully leverage the relationship between core PMs and growth PMs. Scott Baldwin explores that relationship and how both roles continue to be the “owner of the why.”

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