March 26

Challenges of Being a Manager of Product Managers

It’s tempting to believe that being in a position of authority makes leading people so much easier. Ask any product leader and they will suggest otherwise. They will tell you the bad news: there is a new set of challenges that come with being a manager. And if they’re being helpful, they will also tell you the good news: you can overcome those challenges.

The Product Leader’s Book of Problems. When Product Managers are promoted and first become Product Leaders, they find themselves in charge of managing people, not just things. Just when they thought they had mastered the art of solving problems, they realize — with muted panic and terror — that they’ve now inherited a whole new set of problems completely foreign to them. Curtis Savage put together The Product Leader’s Book of Problems to help new product leaders tackle those new problems.

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The top 15 challenges facing today’s managers (and what to do about them). There are two eternal truths: life is about change, and managing people is never easy. To compound the issue, managers now face new challenges. The pandemic has produced a rapidly changing business environment and created a number of new obstacles. In this article, the folks from Growth Engineering review the top challenges you face as a manager and explore how they can be resolved.

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12 management challenges (and how to overcome them). Becoming a manager is a big change, and with this change comes an exciting challenge. Nora St-Aubin explains the challenges you’ll encounter that are specific to new managers, and those that will follow you through your entire career. If you’re a first-time manager, new experiences will encourage you to grow and ultimately help you develop into a great leader. If you’re an experienced manager, it’s important to learn new things considering how fast the workplace is changing.

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6 Challenges (and Solutions) that first-time managers face. Getting promoted to manager is an endorsement that you have been doing a good job and can come with exciting new responsibilities, a pay raise, and probably work you are more passionate about. Gerald Ainomugisha explains that despite all the good things that come with such a promotion, becoming a manager is a big change that can bring challenges you might not anticipate.

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10 management challenges and how to overcome them. As a manager, you can lead team members to success, and the satisfaction of watching your team grow as people and witnessing their wins is a great professional achievement. But it’s not all plain sailing. When you’re responsible for the development of your employees and the success of your team, there are tough moments along the way. The folks at took a look at some of the top challenges and ways to overcome them.

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