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Common Customer Feedback Mistakes

Customer feedback is a powerful tool in your discovery efforts. Yet, like a double-edged sword, customer feedback can cut both ways. Here’s a look at some mistakes to avoid when collecting customer feedback.

15 Typical Mistakes Businesses Make Collecting Customer Feedback. A successful business takes note of customer feedback and acts on it to address any concerns and ensure client retention. However, because of user data concerns, it’s becoming more challenging to obtain good customer feedback. To help you deal with those challenges, 15 members of Forbes Business Council delve into the typical mistakes they’ve seen businesses make when pitching customers for feedback and suggest alternatives to make this process more effective.

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Customer interviews: tips, do’s, and don’ts. One way to uncover whether your idea is worth pursuing is through customer interviews. You want to discover what your customers really need and whether your business idea meets that need. Conducting ineffective interviews and then launching a product or service that no one really wants or needs can create a lot of pain and wasted effort. The folks at Venturewell provided some simple tips, do’s, and don’ts for conducting customer interviews so that you can make sure you launch a product that people will buy.

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5 things that may ruin your customer satisfaction surveys. Whatever business you’re in, it’s crucial to keep your finger on the collective pulse of your customers. Are they growing more or less happy with you? Customer satisfaction surveys are a good way to gather these insights. Pascal van Opzeeland shares the 5 main things his team learned to avoid when running customer satisfaction surveys. He uses the example of a survey he ran this year and shows you why avoiding these pitfalls helped his team collect accurate and actionable feedback:

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3 Mistakes to avoid while responding to Customer Feedback. Receiving unsolicited feedback puts most of us on the spot. We’re in the spotlight of other people’s expectations, and often our first impulse is to be defensive. Handling feedback is a complex process that can be over in a matter of minutes if done right. Akanksha Ghildiyal describes three reactions to unsolicited feedback you want to avoid.

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9 mistakes to avoid RE: Feedback. Sometimes, you can get good ideas from a domain entirely different from your own. One domain that deals with feedback repeatedly and in a variety of formats is restaurants. The folks at Restaurant Black Ops shared these nine mistakes that he commonly sees restaurateurs make with regards to customer feedback. Avoiding these will help you plan for success with your feedback system in your own restaurant.

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