February 24

Our favorite Product Management conference talks

In addition to all the great content you can get from the Product Collective newsletter, did you know that you can get all the fantastic talks from the INDUSTRY conferences on INDUSTRY on Demand? To give you a sense of the fantastic content you can get from INDUSTRY On Demand, here are five of our favorite conference talks that are available for you to view for free.

Powerful Product Positioning – How to make your market work for you. Positioning can make or break a new product, yet it rarely gets the attention it deserves. In this talk from INDUSTRY 2019, April Dunford outlines a product positioning process that will shine a spotlight on your product’s best features. She will also give re-positioning examples and show the impact on the overall business that resulted from that shift in context.

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Moving up into product leadership. Product managers manage products; product leaders manage teams of product managers. What’s different about that next job up? How can product managers signal their interest and expand their leadership skill set? Rich Mironov answers those questions and more in this talk from INDUSTRY 2019.

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Netflix’s 2020 product strategy. This talk from INDUSTRY Virtual 2020 introduces five different strategy frameworks to enable you to define your company’s product strategy. Gibson Biddle brings all five of these frameworks to life, doing a mock product strategy for Netflix today, and then shows how strategy influences day-to-day decision-making through two cases: 1) Should Netflix launch “Netflix Party” and 2) “Should Netflix enable custom playback speed, enabling customers to slow down and speed up videos?

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Building & scaling products to internal customers.  Building products is rewarding. But building products that affect both internal stakeholders and external customers at massive scale is next-level. In this talk from INDUSTRY 2019, Vanathy Lakshmi shares the methodologies that she and her team used to identify problems and outcomes in order to develop successful products within a massive organization like Walmart.

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Becoming a successful continuous discovery team.  More teams are moving toward a truly cross-functional product team model where the teams that develop the product (i.e. product manager, designers, software engineers) are the ones responsible for doing their own discovery. They do their own user research, conduct their own experiments, and synthesize what they are learning week-over-week to support their daily product decisions. Teresa Torres explains this new model, and why it can be useful — as well as how you may be able to put it into practice. This keynote talk was conducted at the Global edition of INDUSTRY: The Product Conference in 2018.

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