May 4

Funniest Product Tweets of the Week

Here at Product Collective we know how tough being a Product Manager can be, but we’re here to hopefully bring some humour to your day, because if you’re not laughing, you’re crying, right?

We are doing the hard work of rounding up the funniest product tweets that have caught our attention this week so that you can have 2 minutes of light relief.

Here’s what caught our eye this week:

Every Product Manager has had that one demo where the stakeholder wants to see a fully functioning product, but you’re not quite there yet…

“When your product isn’t ready, but an important stakeholder wants a demo!”

Speaking of stakeholders, we know they love outputs but how can you convince them that outcomes are the way to go…?

In #prodmgmt, there’s always that one stakeholder that just wants to keep going

We know that Product Management is often misunderstood, and we know what you’re thinking…

What a Product Manager thinks when they hear…

But we also know that this is true, are we right?

Finally, we know this one has been doing the round on LinkedIn, but we just had to give it a mention here. We’re not sure an edit button will cut it, sorry Jira…

Until next week, keep fighting the good Product Management fight!

Monica Viggars

About the author

Monica Viggars is a Product Coach with over 15 years of experience working in product and tech. A Product Manager in a past life, Monica now enjoys helping product teams to improve their ways of working and best practices as well as supporting companies on their journey to becoming more product-led. When not writing or product coaching, Monica enjoys travelling (when there's not a pandemic happening!), arts and crafts and baking cakes.


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