April 23

Growth Hacking vs Marketing

Are growth hacking and marketing widely disparate activities or are growth hacking and marketing different ways of saying the same thing? The answer may in fact be… yes. Take a look at these resources for some exploration of the different concepts and decide for yourself which of the techniques may work for you.

Digital marketing vs. growth marketing: Which delivers the greatest ROI? With terms like inbound marketing, growth marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, and even growth hacking, how are you supposed to know what’s what, and which of all of these terms are right for your business? Digital marketing has been around for a while, but growth marketing is a newer term that’s getting a lot of buzz, especially if you call it by its cool name — growth hacking. Sounds mysterious but it doesn’t have to be. The folks at Evenbound explain what growth marketing and digital marketing are, how they differ, and how they can work together.

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The Real War: Growth hacking vs growth marketing vs digital marketing. While you may have been applying growth hacking or growth marketing strategies into your business without realizing it, the best thing you can do now that your efforts have a name is to intentionally incorporate both techniques into your digital marketing strategy. The folks from Seahawk Media explain growth hacking and growth marketing and how you can use both for your digital marketing efforts.

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Growth marketers are modern-day marketing managers – and that’s a really, really good thing. Imagine you had a marketer on your team who could look at every element of your strategy and implement quick, data-driven tweaks to win you new customers and maintain those you already have. Camille Trent explains that’s what growth marketers can do. If that sounds good to you, you’re not alone. Interest in growth marketers has been growing since 2011, according to Google Trends.

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Growth marketing vs. demand generation: Which is best?  Two of the hottest trends in marketing at the moment are growth marketing and demand generation. Both strategies have been used successfully by companies to increase leads and drive revenue growth. Matt Cunard dives into what growth marketing and demand generation are, their unique characteristics, as well as similarities and stark differences between them.

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Growth marketing vs digital marketing vs growth hacking: The difference explained.  Growth marketing, digital marketing, and growth hacking are often confused with each other. The folks at Mapplinks explain growth marketing vs digital marketing vs growth hacking and clear the confusion among them and explain how they’re used and applied.

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