March 19

Hiring the Right Product People

When you’re trying to build or add to your team, you want to make sure you’re hiring the right Product Managers for your organization. Here are some ideas on how to set up the right hiring process to find the right Product Managers.

Interviewing product managers. If you’re a product leader who works at a company like Amazon or Google, you’ve probably got a robust infrastructure to support your product manager hiring activities. If you don’t work at a company with a strong hiring infrastructure, Mike Lyngaas created this playbook to help you reduce subjectivity, save time deliberating on candidates, and above all, hire great product managers — all with a fraction of the resources of FAANG.

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Using Product EQ to hire the best product managers. Product people love to study frameworks, techniques, and approaches that have worked at other companies. Kate Leto joined the Product Experience Podcast to discuss one of these techniques – Product EQ – and how to use it to improve your hiring practices.

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Recruiter’s Guide: How To Hire Product Managers. It’s hard to recruit product managers from the market, especially if your company is just beginning to hire your first product manager. Cramming every possible skill for a product manager into a job description does not help. You have to tailor the need for this role and align it with your company objectives. To help with these efforts, Renganathan Padmanabhan created a scalable playbook that you can apply as you begin to hire your product team.


How to Hire Great Product Managers. If you are building a tech company, hiring great product managers is critical. A great product management team can often be the difference between delivering a lot of value for users and having great ideas without proper execution. However, any good PM is going to have a lot of potential options for where to go. How do you attract them to join your team or company? Barron Ernst describes the areas to focus on when discussing potential roles with new product managers in order to attract them to your company.

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Virtual Fit: A Guide to Hiring Exceptional Product Managers Remotely. Many companies need to grow their product teams to navigate the post-pandemic environment — and, for the first time, they need to hire PMs and product leaders entirely remotely. Ravi Mehta describes the 8 principles of hiring great PMs remotely so that you can grow your product team to meet the challenge.

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