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How Product Managers can best work with Designers

The Product Manager and UX Designer roles have several similarities and a few differences. That mix of overlap and separate responsibilities can lead to some tension. However, as these resources show, teams need to work through that tension and figure out how to work closely together in order to be successful. Read on to find out how.

How Do Product Managers & UX Designers Work Together? In many companies, the product manager and the UX designer roles go hand in hand. Glen Chen provides an introduction to the UX designer role, how it’s similar (and different) to the product manager role, and how the two effectively work together to deliver a great product.

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How to Advance Collaboration Between PM and UX Design. “Friction between product managers and UX designers happens. Even on the most successful teams, tensions can fly when trying to balance business goals, user needs, and design best practices.” Jim Dibble and Shannon McGarity explain that in order for UX designers and product managers to find common ground, they need to get curious about each other’s processes, logic, priorities, and needs.

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Combining Forces as Product Managers & UX Designers. “Product managers and UX designers make up two of the three key members of a product team leadership trifecta (the other member being a technical lead). Most times, the overlap between the UX designer and the product manager will be significantly higher than with the technical lead or engineer, so finding the right balance in the relationship is critical.” Kyle Evans explores this balance in a recent podcast episode.

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Product Manager as Designer. “Design and Product have always been close, but popular tools like Figma, Invision, and Sketch have turned the humble whiteboarding Product Manager into a capable designer (when needed!)” While designers will certainly always be the experts, Alex Mitchell explores several cases when Product Managers need to be ready to flex their design muscles and help their teams move forward.

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Building better together: 5 learnings from a product manager and designer duo.  This summer, Gusto launched a suite of tools to streamline how business owners hire and onboard new employees. Caitlin Brisson, product designer, and Vipul Chhajer, product manager talk about their experiences launching an onboarding checklist. As they designed, built, and iterated on the checklist, they learned all the little things product designers and product managers can do to work better together. They shared their learnings in the hopes that their learnings help you create amazing products of your own.

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