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Idea Generation for Product Managers

There’s more to generating ideas than getting some people together to “brainstorm”. In fact, if you’re not careful, you can get sucked into a highly ineffective discussion that results in a slew of not very helpful ideas. Here are some ideas to make your idea generation much more effective.

What is Ideation and how to prepare for ideation sessions. Ideation is the process where you generate ideas and solutions through a variety of techniques. Although many people might have experienced a “brainstorming” session before, it is not easy to facilitate a truly fruitful ideation session. Rikke Friis Dam and Teo Yu Siang teach you some processes and guidelines which will help you facilitate and prepare for productive, effective, innovative and fun ideation sessions.

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A Guide to successful idea generation techniques. Whether you’re a brainstorming pro or you’re looking for idea generation techniques for the very first time, learning new ways to come up with creative concepts will keep your work fresh and innovative. Maria Waida explains how to generate new ideas by yourself, with a team, and even under tight deadlines.

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Four key stages of idea generation for creative product development. Creativity is a process, and like any process, it is something that can be researched, managed, and measured in order to optimize its returns. Over the past few decades, research conducted into creativity and creative processes across a wide range of industries and disciplines has shown that there are recurrent patterns in creativity which make it simple to measure, manage, and replicate. Emily Elia explains that it’s possible to distill the idea generation process into four key stages: inspiration, framing, prototyping, and validation.

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Product management best practices for ideation. Many people believe that a key responsibility of Product Managers is to come up with ideas. While product managers make sure that their product team has a steady stream of ideas to work on, the highest-quality ideation doesn’t come from Product Managers. Michael Berliner explains some fundamental aspects of ideation which, if you just do these alone, will ensure a great idea/hypothesis backlog.

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Generating concepts for product design. Product concept generation starts with understanding customer needs and specifications. Based on the requirements, concept generation helps to pinpoint a variety of possible solutions and ideas that answers those needs. Andreas Velling explains concept generation for product planning in fabricated metal parts. Although it’s a different context than software developments, some of the techniques that Andreas describes are useful in the more flexible world of software product development.

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