Connect with your Product Management Leader peers while your team learns, grows, and gets inspired at INDUSTRY: The Product Conference  -- Cleveland, September 23-25 2024.

The Product Leader Experience at


Connect with your Product Leader peers while your team learns, grows, and gets inspired.

THE product CONFERENCE features an exclusive experience dedicated to PRODUCT LEADERS - CPOs, VPs, Directors, etc.


Curated experience by the Product Collective team that will help you find Keynotes, Working Sessions, Roundtable Discussions, and Breakouts that are relevant to Product Leaders.

Get access to an exclusive Product Leaders suite throughout the conference at INDUSTRY, allowing you to connect with other Product Leaders.

Half-day “Leading for Innovation” workshop available on Monday, September 23rd led by ITX’s Sean Flaherty (Conference Plus and Superpass holders)

Receive an identifier on your name badge that will allow you and other Product Leaders to find yourselves throughout the event.

Priority consideration to receive an invitation to exclusive VIP Dinners for Product Leaders hosted by one of our acclaimed sponsors.

Personalized introductions to other Product Leaders by the Product Collective team.

  • The above experience is available to all qualified Product Leaders to enhance their experience at INDUSTRY: The Product Conference. 
  • Even better – if you register 10+ people from your team, each person is eligible for a $100 discount – plus you’ll receive a Main Conference pass for a Product Leader to use at no additional cost ($1,245 additional value)!

Please contact the Product Collective team at with any questions about this experience.