November 13

Product Analytics

You want feedback on your product and you want to make data-informed decisions, so where do you turn? You can ask your customers and users, but their responses only paint part of the picture. You’ll want to supplement conversations with customers and users with hard data about what they are actually doing with your product. You can get that type of information via product analytics. Read on to find out how product analytics can complete the picture of your product and help you make informed product decisions.

What is product analytics? The folks at Heap describe product analytics as a “robust set of tools that allow product managers and product teams to assess the performance of the digital experiences they build. Product analytics provides critical information to optimize performance, diagnose problems, and correlate customer activity with long-term value.”

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What is product management analytics? Product management analytics can measure your users’ needs so your team can build more effective products. Christopher Gillespie put together this guide to product management analytics that covers the data, metrics, and tactics your team needs to generate insights and make informed decisions.

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Product analytics 101 for sharp-witted product managers. Product analytics helps you to understand exactly who is using your product, why, and how, and gives you the data that you need to make decisions based on real-world information rather than speculation. Alican Bektas explains what product analytics is and what it can tell you. Alican then looks at both the hard and soft skills that you need in order to leverage analytics, tools to utilize, and pitfalls to avoid.

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Product management analytics. Analytics are vital to understanding the overall health of a product. The ability to identify and act upon the most important product metrics are key capabilities for product managers to navigate product teams to achieve their goals. If utilized correctly, analytics have the power to inform product initiatives and link them back to the company’s vision. Simon Bernhard used an example from his current job to elaborate on the importance and variety of different metrics.

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5 Top analytics tools that are product managers’ best friends.  “Whether you are the team lead in your product management department or are in charge of active product development, QA, or subsequent sales efforts, using the right analytics tools for your workflow is essential. Analytic tools designed with product management and its different aspects in mind can become your product management team’s new best friends going forward due to their transformative effects on day-to-day operations.” Donald Fomby takes a look at what product management stands for as a whole, the benefits of tracking your workflow through specialized analytical tools, and five examples of this type of software.

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