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Product Launch Plans

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… LAUNCH! How much planning is required for a successful product launch and how crucial is it to get it right first time? On the one hand, many people, most importantly your customers, are going to be affected by your work. On the other hand, in this forgiving digital world of Minimum Viable Products, your project is unlikely to be as mission-critical as a real rocket launch.

How to create a product launch plan roadmap. “Creating a successful product launch requires planning and coordination across many departments throughout the company. Because it’s such a complex and strategic undertaking, you will want to develop your product launch plan using a strategic roadmap.” The folks at Productplan prepared some tips and strategies for developing a practical product launch roadmap.

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5-Stage digital marketing plan to a successful product launch. A successful product launch depends on several variables, including the use of different digital marketing channels and tools. Using social media to launch a new product is exhilarating and overwhelming if you don’t plan accordingly. Rebekah Radice details everything you need to create a digital marketing product launch plan that will attract your target market.

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How to launch a successful product: Timing, roles, and product launch checklist. Imagine spending months designing and building your app, only to have one mistake during product launch cause your whole project to crash and burn. A nightmare, right? The folks at AltexSoft spoke with several product people who have launched products to find out how they made those launches successful. Keep reading to find out how to avoid those product launch nightmares.

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Product Launches and risk: A tough teacher. When you don’t think about risk during your product launch, you’re likely to have rattled product teams, irate stakeholders, and frustrated customers. When you do plan for risk during a product launch, you’re able to minimize the customer impact from those inevitable issues and have a successful launch. John Kresse shares some questions you can ask to assess the risk level of your project and hints for mitigating the risks you find.

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The Strategic Product Launch Playbook.  A large share of new product launches fail. The minority that succeeds must have an amazing launch plan. Whether you’re a product manager leading an established product or an entrepreneur launching a new business, you need to develop a product strategy and get your message market fit right for a successful launch. Nima Torabi put together this product launch playbook to help you do that.

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