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Product-Led Growth in Product Management

Is it possible to grow your company without having a sales force? Sure, if you’re willing to put your product at the center of everything your organization does. The approach is called product-led growth. These resources explain what product-led growth is and gives you some ideas on how to apply it in your organization.

What is Product-led growth? Theory, examples & resources Product-led growth is a strategy that uses the product as a channel to drive organizational KPIs, such as revenue, engagement, and reach. The strategy puts your product at the heart of everything your company does. Kirsty Finlayson takes you through the key theories, examples, and frameworks that surround product-led growth so that you can walk away with a toolkit of resources to implement in your company.

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A guide to product-led growth in SaaS. Every so often, a new paradigm develops and redefines the way the industry does business. Product-led growth is one such idea that challenges the status quo, introduces out-of-the-box ideas, and leads to a revolution in corporate thinking. Mert Aktas describes what product-led growth is and helps you determine if it’s right for your SaaS company.

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The unspoken truth about SaaS scaling: Product-led growth. A few years back, product adoption seemed to be a time-consuming task with a long sales process or a complex onboarding. Today end-users find the products adopted in the organization. Customer experience seems to be the new growth metric. Sinduja Pk explains with B2B companies constantly improving their acquisition strategies to capture the end-user, a company’s growth lies in empowering the end-user who adopts and makes the product their own.

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How to build a product-led growth strategy.  Product-led businesses have changed the playbook for successful growth strategies and approaches to marketing. Go-to-market strategies have changed as business models have – from sales-led to product-assisted, to product-led. Product is now the growth engine for companies. Mickey Alon explains how features and usage are the primary drivers for customer acquisition, retention, and expansion and why your growth strategies need to reflect this.

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The rise of product-led growth. Many onlookers look at product-led growth companies like Zoom, Shopify, and Twilio and think that their growth couldn’t possibly continue. Brett Bivens explains that in spite of the dizzying run-up in public and private valuations along with increasing competition, many of these product-led growth companies may still be in the growth stage of their trajectories.

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