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Product Management Communities

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One of the best aspects of the wider product management world is that practitioners are generally willing to share their experiences and answer each other’s questions.

To support that knowledge sharing, several product management communities have sprung up to provide a platform on which product people can meet, share ideas, ask questions, and even find their next job.

Generally speaking, those communities share resources such as articles, videos, and podcasts as well as provide community members with a chance to introduce themselves, ask questions, and share their experiences.

Here’s a survey of the most active communities in the product management world, most of which cover all aspects of product management, although there are some that focus on a specific aspect.

Most of these communities offer the opportunity to join for free, so we encourage you to check them out and join in on the product conversations.

Product Collective

We’re probably biased, but we think that the Product Collective community of over 30,000 product people is a great place to connect with other product people to share ideas, ask questions, and hear about the latest product management thinking.

One of the things you get access to when you join the Product Collective is the private Slack community. A nice thing about the Slack community is that there is a manageable number of channels (less than 10), so it’s easy to keep up with the various conversations going on in the community.

You’ll also get the Product Collective’s weekly newsletter, invitations to live video interviews with renowned product leaders, and access to a dedicated job board. Additionally, you’ll be the first to hear updates on INDUSTRY: The Product Conference.

Join the community, here.


Whether you’re just starting to learn more about product-led growth or are an expert, you’ll meet world-class SaaS operators that you can learn from if you’re a part of this community.

Product-Led is best known for its certificate-granting training programs, but there are all sorts of other resources—including its Slack community, podcast, newsletter, blog, and more.

Whether you’re taking part in focused training or simply learning from its ongoing resources, Product-Led is a great place to brush up on product-led growth, product- led onboarding, and more.

Join the community, here.

Mind the Product

Mind the Product offers a couple of different community options.

There’s the free Slack community for anyone who cares about building products that people love. This Slack community offers a chance to be part of a large worldwide community as well as innumerable small local- and topic-specific discussions. It’s also a great place to find out about activities in local product tank groups.

There’s also the paid Prioritised membership that offers a members-only set of forums, along with access to premium content, videos, AMAs with top product leaders, and discounts to Mind the Product events.

Join the community, here.

Product Manager HQ

Product Manager HQ offers training and resources to help people get into and succeed in their product management career.

When you join their community for a small one-time fee, you’ll get access to their active Slack channel, which includes several channels focused on specific topics and focused geographic areas. Given its focus on education, this is a great community for people who are interested in becoming a product manager or getting started on their product management journey.

You’ll also receive their bonus 140+ page guide to breaking into product management.

Join the community, here.

Creative Product Managers

If your preferred social network is LinkedIn, and you are looking for a private community focused on product management, you may want to check out the Creative Product Managers LinkedIn group.

The group is free to join, and it’s monitored and moderated so that you can be assured that all the conversations will be product-management-related. And since there are 85,000+ members, rest assured that there will be a wide range of experiences and perspectives that you can learn from.

Join the community, here.

Product Coalition

Product Coalition is an online product management publication that features a wealth of articles published by practicing product managers and product leaders.

The content is free to read and continues to be extremely helpful. If you would like to contribute content and engage in conversations with other contributors, you can get one of Product Coalition’s two memberships.

The Lite membership gives you access to Product Coalition’s Slack workspace so that you can converse with the other contributors as well as have the ability to submit articles for publishing and access to Product Coalition’s set of online courses.

And if you’d like to really ramp up your involvement, Product Coalition’s pro membership gives you the opportunity to record podcasts, get access to a 16-week mentoring program, and join a private WhatsApp group.

Join the community, here.

Women in Product

Women in Product provides women with equal access and representation in product management careers. The organization provides opportunities for women to get together with people close to them at one of the 25+ geographic chapters as well as on a broader scale in their Facebook community.

The community also offers member-curated resources, an annual conference, a newsletter, and a podcast.

The Women in Product community is a great place to connect, build skills, and share your knowledge with other women in product management.

Join the community, here.

Product-Led Alliance

Most of the communities that we’ve mentioned cover product management in general. There are also some active communities that focus on a specific aspect of product management. One good example is Product-Led Alliance’s Slack community, which focuses on product-led growth.

This community brings people from around the world who are all interested in product- led growth to share helpful resources, raise questions, and post jobs focused on growth. You can even find out about conferences, webinars, and virtual sessions focused on all things product-led growth.

Join the community, here.

Continuous Discovery Habits Membership Community

Teresa Torres is a big believer in practicing what she preaches. When she considered the best ways to reach her goal of increasing the number of product trios who adopt a continuous cadence to their discovery work, she realized that a membership community was one way to accomplish that.

So, she established the Continuous Discovery Habits (CDH) Membership Community to reach more people who wanted to learn and practice continuous discovery.

When you join the CDH Membership Community, you get access to a Slack workspace, where Teresa actively answers members’ questions. She also hosts bi-weekly calls that give members a chance to take a deeper dive into their challenges. The membership community also gives people the opportunity to participate in monthly book club discussions.

This community mixes the opportunity to interact with other product people, designers, and engineers, as well as receive ongoing product discovery coaching.

Join the community, here.


Get much more by downloading this 18,000 word Ultimate Guide for Product Managers. Find the best newsletters, communities, books, and valuable articles on product discovery, strategy, careers and more!




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