January 28

Product Management Team Collaboration

When it comes to collaboration, it’s not enough just to work well with the other members of your product team. You also have to know how to work well with other teams in your organization. These resources give you pointers on how to effectively collaborate with your team and other teams so that you can deliver the products your customers are looking for.

Team objectives – collaboration. Marty Cagan explains that there “are several forms of collaboration that are essential, yet often confusing to product organizations as they optimize for team autonomy and empowerment.” He specifically points out the difference between shared objectives, where multiple teams have the same objective, and common objectives where multiple teams are asked to pursue the same problem in different ways.

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Establishing effective collaboration within a product development team. An engaged and collaborative team is key for every successful product. Product teams vary in complexity, composition, and geographical distribution, but what they all have in common is that the established practices of team collaboration are critical for increasing productivity and innovation. ‍Anastasia Starovoytova explores a number of collaboration-fostering practices that help product teams become highly effective.

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Team collaboration in a product-led organization. Successfully delivering a product-led experience to your users starts with common data, common language, and common definitions of success. This means that product-led organizations have a leg up when it comes to collaboration. Product-led organizations encourage collaboration between every team by placing the product at the center of the business. Todd Olson explains what becoming product-led will do to your customer success, marketing, and engineering teams.

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5 Principles for effective remote product management.  “The world around us has advanced immensely, including our ways of interacting and communicating. As product management experts, our toolset and frameworks have rapidly evolved as part of this. This has also made doing our job easier from a distance (eg. remotely). Whilst doing product management remotely is possible, it requires this one key thing to do it effectively. That key thing is trust.” Amanda Woo explores 5 principles that can help you build trust and become a more effective remote product manager.

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How do product managers work with other teams?  “Effective product managers lead cross-functional teams to launch and improve products that customers love. You sit at the epicenter of an organization. You are the connection between what customers are asking for and what is launched into the market. You have a vested interest in the teams who build, market, sell, and support what you envision.” The folks at Aha! explain how to develop deep relationships with those teams.

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