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Product Management Twitter Follows

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Let’s face it: When it comes time to discuss social media networks, there’s the good, the bad, and the ugly. Twitter is no exception to that.

Fortunately, in the world of product management, there’s still a lot of good that comes from Twitter, and that’s due to all the people who use Twitter for good: sharing helpful resources and sparking insightful and productive debates about product-management-related topics.

Here’s a collection of Twitter accounts that we suggest you follow to get a good dose of product management insight and information.

Product Collective

Well, of course we’re going to suggest our Twitter presence!

Follow us on Twitter to find out about the tips that we share in our newsletter, as well as links to other useful product management resources we find out there.

You’ll also get announcements about INDUSTRY: The Product Conference, as well as our other activities.

Follow Product Collective

Andrea Saez

Andrea has a background in product marketing, product management, and customer success. She writes frequently about product management, growth strategies, and community engagement.

When you follow her on Twitter, you can find her most recent article explaining some aspects of product management or asking questions to better understand product communication challenges.

Follow Andrea

Wes Bush

Wes Bush is the Founder and CEO of ProductLed. He is the bestselling author of Product-Led Growth: How to Build a Product That Sells Itself, and is one of the most sought-after product experts in the world. After working for some of the world’s fastest-growing companies in the world, today he trains teams around the globe on how to turn their product into a powerful growth engine.

Follow Wes

Lenny Rachitsky

A former Airbnb product leader, Lenny is now a full-time writer of his own paid newsletter—aptly named “Lenny’s Newsletter.” It’s no surprise that his entertaining and instructive writing lends itself well to the Twitterverse, too.

Even if you’re not a subscriber to his newsletter, you’ll often find him breaking down complex product management issues into easily digestible content that anybody can take in quickly.

Follow Lenny

Jackie Bavaro

Jackie (literally) wrote the book on Cracking the PM Interview and on Cracking the PM Career.

When you follow Jackie on Twitter, you can get her insights from her wide range of experience as a product manager and product leader. Those insights typically focus on finding and securing your next product management job and on having a successful product management career.

Follow Jackie

Nick Caldwell

Nick’s background and career in tech is pretty tough to match. Currently, he’s the GM of Core Tech for Twitter—but also serves on the Board of Directors at HubSpot, True, and /dev/color.

The Product Collective community may remember learning from Nick when he spoke at INDUSTRY in the past. But you can check in with him daily for tech/product inspiration.

Follow Nick

Teresa Torres

Teresa is a product discovery coach and author who helps digital product teams adopt continuous product discovery practices including a regular cadence of customer interviews, rapid prototyping, and assumption testing.

When you follow Teresa on Twitter, you’ll find out about her most recent resources about product discovery as well as links to other resources that she finds useful on the topics of customer interviews and continuous discovery.

Follow Teresa

Shreyas Doshi

Shreyas is a startup advisor with a background as a product manager and engineer at several tech companies.

When you follow Shreyas on Twitter, you’ll gain access to his thoughts about product, strategy, organizational psychology, leadership, and life that are especially relevant if you’re in a startup or a large enterprise.

Follow Shreyas

Hà Phan

Hà Phan is a product leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning, with a strong user experience background.

When you follow Hà on Twitter, you’ll get insights into managing AI and ML products, the intersection of design and product management, and general thoughts about working on a product team.


Janna Bastow

Janna Bastow is a founder and product manager. She invented the Now/Next/Later roadmap and is the Co-Founder of Mind the Product and ProdPad.

When you follow Janna on Twitter, you’ll get perspective on product management in general and roadmaps in particular.

Follow Janna

Oji Udezue

Oji has held several notable product leadership positions at places like Calendly, Atlassian, and elsewhere—and today, he serves as a Product Lead at Twitter. But aside from working on the platform, he’s also a great contributor to the site … especially when it comes to product management content.

Oji is a frequent speaker, too, so while he’s appeared at INDUSTRY in the past, don’t be surprised if you see him return in the future!

Follow Oji

Emily Patterson

Emily Patterson is a product leader with a background in business analysis, project management, and bridging the business–IT group. Her current area of focus is tech product management and information security.

When you follow Emily on Twitter, you’ll get her perspectives on product management as well as some helpful pointers for product people about information security.

Follow Emily P.

Emily Tate

Emily Tate is the Managing Director for Mind the Product. Prior to that, Emily was a product leader and product manager in the travel industry.

When you follow Emily on Twitter, you’ll get her perspectives on product management as well as pointers to the best things going on in the broader product management community.

Follow Emily T.

Jason Fried

Jason Fried is the Founder and CEO of Basecamp. He has made a point of sharing his thoughts on running a software company in his blog, books, and frequent podcast appearances. He’s also been an occasional speaker at INDUSTRY.

When you follow Jason on Twitter, you’ll get insights into running a remote first company, the ShapeUp approach to product development, and plenty of announcements about Basecamp and their email application HEY.

Follow Jason

Merci Grace

Merci Grace is a product leader, active angel investor, advisor to early-stage startups, and the founder of the Women in Product Community.

When you follow Merci on Twitter, you’ll get her perspectives on working in startups, pointers to resources for women in product, and great one-liners such as “If you’re an engineer returning from lunch do you say, ‘And now back to our regularly scheduled programming?’”

Follow Merci

Josh Elman

Josh Elman is a product leader and venture partner on the board of Medium, Discord, and Mammoth Media. His background includes being an engineer for audio and video products, and being a product manager working on growth and engagement teams.

When you follow Josh on Twitter, you get his observations about product leadership and about how product decisions influence business overall. You’ll also get some observations about current events tied back to product management.

Follow Josh

Scott Belsky

Scott Belsky is Adobe’s Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President, Creative Cloud. He’s the author of The Messy Middle, a guide to navigating the volatility of new ventures and leading bold creative projects, as well as of Making Ideas Happen, a book that explains how to overcome the barriers that prevent you from making your ideas reality.

When you follow Scott, you’ll get his insights into how to help organize and empower the careers of creative people. He also speaks to the intersection of technology and design.

Follow Scott

David Cancel

David Cancel is the Co-Founder and CEO of Drift and author of Conversational Marketing. David has a background in creating hypergrowth products and leading product teams at companies such as HubSpot, Performable, Ghostery, and Compete.

David frequently retweets useful perspectives on working in tech companies and startups, and shares his own perspectives on those same topics.

Follow David

Julie Zhuo

Julie Zhuo is Co-Founder of Inspirit, an advisory firm that partners with fast-scaling tech companies to build and scale products that people love. Prior to founding Inspirit, Julie was VP of design and research for the Facebook app. She is also the author of the leadership book The Making of a Manager.

When you follow Julie on Twitter, you’ll see her perspective about products, the interaction of product managers and designers, and what it’s like to lead people.

Follow Julie

Melissa Perri

Melissa Perri is the CEO and Founder of Produx Labs and Product Institute. She’s also a professor at Harvard Business School and author of Escaping the Build Trap.

When you follow Melissa on Twitter, you’ll get insights into how to grow great product leaders and scale your company’s product organizations. She also conveys product management lessons by commenting on the less-than-stellar experience that some products provide.

Follow Melissa

Dan Olsen

Dan Olsen is a product management trainer and consultant who helps executives build great products and strong product teams. He’s the author of The Lean Product Playbook and Founder of the Lean Product Meetup.

When you follow Dan on Twitter, you’ll get announcements about the product people he’s talking to at Lean Product Meetup, as well as pointers to great product management resources.

Follow Dan

Ellen Chisa

Ellen Chisa is Founder-in-Residence at boldstart ventures. Her background includes being an engineer and product manager.

If you follow Ellen on Twitter, you’ll see notes about what she’s thinking about now including founding a startup, building experiences and interfaces, developer relations, and venture capital. You also may come across in-depth discussions about crossword puzzles, cooking, baking, cocktails, and embroidery!

Follow Ellen

Product Management Communities on Twitter

For those of you who like using Twitter to get pointers to relevant information on a topic, but dislike all the off-topic discussions, Twitter Communities may just fit the bill.

Twitter Communities provide a dedicated place to connect, share, and discuss topics that you care the most about. These communities are moderated in order to keep the conversations useful and on topic.

Anyone on Twitter can see Tweets from a community, but only others within that community can participate in the discussion. There are at least two communities focused on product management.

These communities provide a great place to access content by product managers for product managers.



Get much more by downloading this 18,000 word Ultimate Guide for Product Managers. Find the best newsletters, communities, books, and valuable articles on product discovery, strategy, careers and more!




Kent J McDonald

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