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Product Marketing Metrics

There are several different ways to measure your product marketing efforts, which means you need to carefully consider which metrics you track. You want to make sure you steer your product marketing in the right direction while not becoming overwhelmed with a bunch of numbers. Here are some suggestions on which metrics to pay attention to in order to gauge the success of your product marketing efforts without drowning in data.

How to measure the success of product marketing. Despite all the marketing technology that’s out there, it can be tricky to figure out how to measure the success of product marketing. The obvious metrics such as revenue growth, upsell and traffic are not direct indicators of product marketing success because there are other initiatives that may have also had an impact on those metrics. Kirti Sharma suggests a set of product marketing KPIs divided into Pre and Post Product-Market Fit that you can use to gauge the success of your product marketing efforts.

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The 13 product marketing KPIs that every team should be tracking. With all of the product analytics and marketing automation tools out there, your product marketing team can track just about anything a user does while on your website and when logged into your application. With all of these user signals, it can be difficult to figure out which ones you should focus on. Elise Dopson shares 13 KPI’s that a group of product pros identified as the best ways to track getting users in the door and getting them to purchase and use your product.

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7 Important B2C marketing metrics and how to use them. “While many B2B and B2C marketers have similar goals, their audiences can be vastly different. Each group faces different challenges and applies different strategies. This also means that the marketing metrics and KPIs B2C marketers use to measure campaign performance are different from their B2B counterparts.” Kayla Grigg shares seven B2C marketing metrics that you should prioritize most frequently to measure progress and boost performance.

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9 B2C product marketing metrics from marketing leaders. Measuring the impact of product marketing is an ongoing process for many organizations. Some product marketers have found it hard to quantify their efforts and tie it to business impact. The truth is, product marketing has a significant impact on business, for both B2B and B2C companies. In fact, product marketing has an impact on the ultimate KPI – revenue. Emily Dumas asked B2C marketing leaders which product marketing metrics are critical to their strategy. Here are nine KPIs, covering overall business impact, customer acquisition metrics, and qualitative metrics, that those marketing leaders suggested.

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Top 10 SaaS product marketing KPIs to measure your strategy.  “SaaS product marketing has its own complexities and strategies. But, how can you measure if your approach is working? You cannot just rely on your instinct and general marketing KPIs are just too broad. Product marketing is about generating demand, knowing exactly who your target persona is, and letting your product, its development, and its features sell for themselves. Some of these goals seem pretty hard to measure.” Don’t panic, as Mariano Rodriguez explains, there are certain indicators you can use to have a better understanding of how your product marketing strategy is performing.

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