September 29

Product Marketing for Product Managers

Is the relationship between product marketing and product management best described as two sides of the same coin, two peas in a pod, or partly intersecting circles in a Venn diagram? The Venn diagram explanation is probably the most accurate as these two roles share some commonalities as well as some differences. Here are some resources that explain what product marketing is and hopefully help you figure out where you might be in those intersecting circles.

Product Marketing: The complete guide for 2020. “Product marketing sits at the intersection of product strategy, sales, customer success, and marketing. While this demonstrates the huge impact product marketing can have, it does make defining product marketing a bit more challenging (especially when you start comparing product marketing vs. product management).” To help deal with that challenge, Cody Bernard created this guide to product marketing that defines what product marketing is, the responsibilities of a product marketer, and how to measure succession product marketing.

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The ultimate guide to product marketing in 2020. In this guide, Kristen Baker explains the power of product marketing, how it can help your bottom line, and impact the success of your products. “Product marketing is the process of bringing a product to market, promoting it, and selling it to a customer. Product marketing involves understanding the product’s target audience and using strategic positioning and messaging to boost revenue and demand for the product.”

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Product marketing vs product management: What’s the difference? Product management and product marketing sound like different ways of saying the same thing, like Gershwin’s tomato and tomahto. But they actually are more like apples and oranges…they are separate disciplines with distinct responsibilities. Nate Holmes explores how to know where product management stops and product marketing starts, as well as some key areas of focus that make each role unique.

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Product manager vs product marketing manager.  Product management and product marketing management are complementary roles that may be filled by the same person or different people. Bill Haines explains that both roles need to have a shared understanding of customer needs, the market situation, the competitive landscape, and pricing strategy. The product manager uses this understanding to build that right product or service, thus making it available, or “on the shelf,” ready for sale. The Product Marketing Manager uses this common understanding to properly position the product, to help Sales know how to sell it, and establish a smooth marketing and sales process to get that product “off the shelf,” and sold into the customer’s hands.

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How to keep product management and product marketing teams in sync. Product marketing and product management teams have the same goal: to launch successful products that customers love. But having a shared vision doesn’t mean collaboration for the two orgs is always a walk in the park. In fast-paced environments, accomplishing day-to-day tasks and pushing toward short-term goals can silo operations between the two teams. Alton Zenon III spoke to a senior VP of product management and a product marketing manager about how their teams align with one another. They both agreed that it’s vital for the two product orgs to align early on strategy, goals and responsibilities, and clearly define each. Once there’s alignment, they said communication must be frequent and consistent to ensure accountability and ongoing cohesion.

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