October 16

Product Pricing

You know your new product is going to solve your customer’s problems, but it can be tough to quantify how much your customers value having their problem solved. That’s where product pricing comes into play – figuring out what your product is worth, without directly asking your customers “what is it worth to you?” Here are some product pricing insights you can follow to get the right balance between sales volume and revenue.

The ultimate guide to pricing strategies. Setting prices for your products can be tough. Set prices too high, and you miss out on valuable sales. Set them too low, and you miss out on valuable revenue. Pricing doesn’t have to be a sacrifice or a shot in the dark. Allie Decker put together this guide to help you better understand how to set the right prices for your audience and revenue goals.

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Product pricing — Top strategy for product managers. Earlier this year, 280 Group released its Product Management Skills — Benchmark Report. After surveying more than 1,650 product managers, they found that product managers reported pricing as one of their weakest skills. Rina Vernovskaya and Roger Snyder wrote this article to explain some practices that can help you be more confident about your pricing strategy.

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10 Example SaaS pricing models for product managers. Product pricing can make or break a product. The sticker price, the packaging of features and your sales model influence a product’s growth and profitability. Figuring out which pricing strategy to pursue is the first step in the pricing journey. To help plot a course for success, the folks from ProductPlan broke down ten options for SaaS pricing models.

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Product pricing: The team. Product pricing is a critical component of product positioning and critical to business performance. The pricing should be designed with intention and be linked with the overall business strategy. To make sure that happens, product managers and a select group of other stakeholders should be involved in pricing decisions. Sean Sullivan discusses the team of key stakeholders that should be involved in defining product pricing, why, and how they should work together.

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How to price your product in a startup. Fanni Fejes has found that product pricing is one of the most challenging areas for founders. She designed a pricing workshop to help those founders tackle pricing challenges and wanted to share some of the key concepts with the broader product management community. Fanni put together this 7-step guide to help the startups she works with come up with the right price. Her aim is to give you some practical tips that you can use to come up with the right pricing structure for your product.

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