September 10

Putting Together the Right Product Stack

In some product manager’s perfect world there is one tool that supports them in all of their efforts. In real life you often have to cobble together a set of tools into a product stack to record your research efforts, maintain your roadmap, and manage your backlog. Here are some perspectives on what that product stack may look like and some advice on putting that stack together.

What is a Product Stack? A product stack is the array of options – or tools – a product manager can bring to bear in order to get the product to the marketplace. This is also referred to as a ‘development stack’, ‘toolkit’, or ‘tech stack’. The folks at airfocus explain that the tools within the stack may also be divided up in a variety of ways. Many tend to be classified exclusively as software applications and might be used widely across an organization, or, are bespoke and used exclusively by the development team alone.

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Collection, analysis, action: A beginner’s guide to the product stack. Data is at the core of good product management. Making the most of the data that organizations collect is a process that’s often hindered by unnecessary complexity. There are more than 7,000 tools in the marketing technology landscape along—up from 150 just 8 years ago. Oz Nazilli explains that the product stack provides a useful framework for cutting through the set of tools available whether you’re building a new product or have a product that hasn’t reached its potential.

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An Essential Guide to Building Out Your Marketing Tech Stack. When you’re building out your marketing tech stack, you’re not just dealing with the big suites. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, after you’ve chosen and implemented your core MarTech software, you have a massive array of these point solutions to consider. Mike Ward shares some thoughts on how you can build a marketing tech stack that you can also apply to a product stack.

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The modern product manager’s tech stack.  The majority of your work as a product manager is to communicate and make sure everyone has a clear idea of what exactly is being worked on and which problem is being solved. You have a responsibility to keep everyone aligned and eliminate surprises. Stefan Sabev introduces the double diamond framework and explains how you can use it to shape your product stack.

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Inside Amplitude’s Tech Stack: Our Product Management Software. Mike Ottavi-Brannon gives you an inside look at Amplitude’s tech stack within three categories: analytics, product development, and communication. Some of these tools are for managing everyday tasks, while others are critical for making strategic product decisions.

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Kent J McDonald writes about and practices software product management. He has product development experience in a variety of industries including financial services, health insurance, nonprofit, and automotive. Kent practices his craft with a variety of product teams and provides just in time resources for product people at and Product Collective. When not writing or product managing, Kent is his family’s #ubersherpa, listens to jazz and podcasts (but not necessarily podcasts about jazz), and collects national parks.


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