July 17

Reigniting a Stale Product

If you’ve ever maintained an existing product, you may have reached the point where your product has gotten a bit stale. Breathing life into your product is not just a matter of changing the design of your product (though that can certainly help). You may find that there are changes you can make to your messaging or to your brand that can reinvigorate your product.

5 ways product managers can improve product adoption today. Improving product adoption results in higher retention and lower churn, which translates to more consistent and predictable revenue. It can also help you unlock new growth opportunities, as users who have fully bought into your product evangelize your solution to others. Katryna Balboni provides 5 proven strategies for improving adoption and helping all of your users use your product more effectively.

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18 Ways to revive a failed product or service. It’s easy to remember those products that failed spectacularly and eventually disappeared. (Google Glass, the New Coke, and the Ford Edsel anyone?) Yet there are many famous and good products that failed but later succeeded that don’t necessarily come to mind. Andre Palko takes lessons from those stories and shares 18 things you can do to resurrect a failed product.

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Failure to Launch: How to revive a dying product or service and breathe life Into it. You can spend endless hours and sleepless nights planning, sketching, and designing a product and preparing for the launch. But it’s highly likely that when your plan sees the light of day it will go off the rails. Shawn Finder describes how you can revive your dying product by revisiting and reexamining your campaign.

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How to put a new spin on an old product. If a product is not selling well, there is a reason. You may have overestimated its demand, priced it too high, or tried to sell it to the wrong market. Lahle Wolfe suggests that many great ideas and products fail as a result of poor, inadequate, or misguided marketing efforts. Lahle goes on to explain that you can overcome those missteps with a fresh approach to your existing product instead of starting from scratch.

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How to keep your brand relevant: 7 Ways to reignite consumer passion. Building a healthy, fruitful, meaningful business depends on an attractive brand that stands out from the crowd and attracts your ideal clients. Once you’ve built that brand, you need to maintain that relevance to make sure your brand helps draw people to buy your product. The folks at RedLounge shared 7 ways to reignite consumer passion and keep your brand relevant.

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