July 16

How to Revive a Declining Product

You’re probably familiar with the product life cycle, and it’s depressingly titled last stage – decline. When your product reaches that stage, does that mean that it’s all over? Not necessarily. Here are some perspectives on ways you can pull your product out of decline and get a few more years worth of revenue out of it.

Decline stage of the product life cycle – How to handle it. No matter how good your product is, it obeys the rules of the product life cycle. Eventually, changing preferences and more advanced offers will push your product into the decline stage of the product life cycle. That doesn’t mean you should give up. It’s possible to anticipate this stage and take steps to prolong the life of your product. Kateryna Mayka explains what these steps are and shares some strategies for each step.

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Failure to launch: How to revive a dying product or service and breathe life into it. It can happen to anyone. You spend endless hours and sleepless nights planning, sketching, and designing a product and preparing for the launch. You become so attached to your ideas and excited over our concept that you lose objectivity and sometimes can’t see the obvious pitfalls in our campaign. Shawn Finder explains that if you find yourself lost or not hitting your sales targets, then you need to revisit your campaign and have an open and frank discussion with your marketing and sales team.

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5 Strategies To Revive A Dying App. After launching a fantastic app, you wait for the dreamed success to happen. But, after months, your app might still be a drop in an entire ocean of mobile apps. You must be asking yourself if this is just about you or your mobile app business is dying. Well, as a thriving field, the mobile ecosystem seems to have a long way to go. The good news is there are some tricks that you can use to revive your app even if the situation is not very good. If you are asking yourself what to do to have a successful mobile app, the folks at AppSamurai have some ideas for you to follow to help you boost your downloads and reach the fame you always wanted.

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How to revive your zombie startup.  If you have determined that you may be running a zombie startup Andrew Lee has some ideas on how to come back from the dead. There are critical decisions that will keep you from undead obsolescence — choices that range from small course-corrections within your market to hard pivots out of your market. Andrew explains how the hard pivot can get your zombie startup back to the land of the living.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Reigniting Your Business. You had a great launch, but now you feel stuck. Revenue was rolling in, but now your customer base has plateaued or is actually shrinking. One of the most fundamental laws of business is that consumer needs, wants, and expectations will change over time, and the options for companies are dichotomous: adapt or fail. Successful companies don’t magically stay one step ahead of their customers. Suresh Srinivasan describes how to shrink the needs gap to an absolute minimum and revitalize your product and your business.

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