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Roadmapping good practices

When you want to create or update the roadmap for your product, there are several tools you can choose from. But your choice of tool is not necessarily the only key to an effective product roadmap. You should consider who you involve when you create the roadmap, what you put on that roadmap, what you leave off and how often you revisit the roadmap. Get those things right first, and then it may pay off to be picky about the specific tool you use.

Secrets for successful product roadmaps Have you ever wondered what experienced product managers would say about building successful product roadmaps? The folks at ProductPlan were so they interviewed hundreds of product people about their approach to product roadmaps. Andre Theus combed through those interview results and came up with seven takeaways that you can apply when building your own roadmaps.

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The best way to build an effective product roadmap. When Ryan Seamons reflects on his conversations with product people, he found that they rarely ask “How do I build a product roadmap? Instead, they ask: “How can I move my project forward?” “How can I get everyone on the same page?” And “how can I help my team move quickly?” Ryan suggests that the answers to these questions start with building an effective product roadmap.

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Product roadmap dos and don’ts. Product Managers use product roadmaps to communicate direction and growth in a project to their teams and external stakeholders. When aligned around product strategy, product roadmaps help you visualize and communicate high-level goals as well as layout the steps needed to achieve these goals. One of the most difficult aspects of creating a roadmap lies in deciding what to include to make it useful. Emily Grace Adiseshiah outlines some dos and don’ts for creating effective product roadmaps for your software product.

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Keep your product roadmap informative and transparent.  Product roadmaps—whether internal or public—are the single source of information for everyone involved in product planning. Product roadmaps “organize development work within the organization, help other departments sync up and offer their perspective on product plans, and keep stakeholders and customers informed and excited.” That said, product roadmaps are only truly useful if a few key practices are followed. Elen Veenpere explores five key practices for effective and informative roadmapping that apply to both internal and public roadmaps.

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Standards to follow with your product roadmap. There are a variety of ways you can represent your product roadmap. Ask 20 product people and you’ll get at least that many suggestions. The folks at Roadmunk suggest that no matter how you choose to represent your product roadmap, there are certain standards you just gotta follow.

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