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Soliciting Customer Feedback

You know you’re supposed to get out of the building. You know you’re supposed to talk to your customers. You also know that your supposed to exercise regularly and eat healthy. It’s one thing to know you’re supposed to do something, it’s another thing to know the best way to do it. Here are some resources to help you make the best use of the time you spend talking to your customers. Just remember, if you meet with your customers over lunch skip the fries and get your salad dressing on the side.

How to collect customer feedback that’s actually valuable. “Getting customer feedback can be tricky. It’s not always easy to know who to ask or even the best way to phrase your questions. And even if you do manage to collect some feedback, what are you supposed to do with it?” Megan Bannister caught up with Des Traynor to discover what he’s learned about feedback, how the Intercom team approaches customer interactions and what you can do to start collecting valuable feedback of your own.

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How 14 product leaders generate and use customer feedback. It’s easy to find a lot of content out there telling you to “get out of the building” and “talk to your customers”. There is not, however, that much info on how to put everything together and how to deal with common, day-to-day problems you face in our product organizations. That lack of advice led Daniel Zacarias to reach out to 14 leading product managers and talk with them about how they use customer feedback in their own companies and teams. Here are some of the key takeaways I got from those conversations.

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6 ways PMs can collect, analyze, and leverage user feedback more effectively. “User feedback is an invaluable resource for gaining insight into how people are (or aren’t) using your product. You just need to know how to approach the feedback process and leverage the results effectively.” Margaret Kelsey explores six at a few ways you can improve the way you gather, analyze, and leverage feedback to benefit both your customers and your company.

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The proper way to ask for customer feedback. “When collected and implemented properly, customer feedback can help improve your product and the services that support it. Learning how customers perceive your business is critical to building a customer-centric culture that strives to provide the best possible experience for prospects and customers alike.” Nandini Jammi explores the best and most effective ways to approach customers for feedback.

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Strategies for effectively handling customer feedback.  “Effectively managing customer feedback is one of the most important responsibilities of a product manager. It’s also one of the most challenging.” Dana Solomon describes a panel discussion that covered a number of topics related to customer feedback, including strategies for soliciting, managing, prioritizing, and making the most of your customers’ suggestions. Here are some of the highlights, as well as a couple questions the panel didn’t have time to address.

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