December 11

Top Podcast Episodes from 2020

Earlier this year we recommended some good podcasts for product people by product people. As we continue our look back at the year, we wanted to suggest some specific podcast episodes recorded during 2020 that cover key aspects of product management.

Product Strategy on the Rework Podcast. In this episode of the Rework Podcast, Jason Fried and Ryan Singer talk about the Shape Up approach to product development that they use at Basecamp. They discuss organizing work in six-week cycles, how to handle disagreement, and how so much of the process boils down to making trade-offs.

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The 10 Dysfunctions Of Product Management on Rapid iteration, A/B testing, and growth hacking—these buzzwords have everyone’s attention in product management today. But while they dominate the current discussion, something even more significant has been lost in their limelight: long-term value creation for the customer. This episode of takes a look at 10 product management dysfunctions that distract from long-term value creation and what you can do to get your focus back on producing value for your customers.

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Intercom on Product: One for the roadmap. On this episode of Intercom on Product Des Traynor and Paul Adams take a look at roadmapping. If you’re setting out on your roadmap journey it’s important that the roadmap reflects the point of the journey that you’re on – having everyone in a startup of 5 or 6 sharing daily tasks each morning makes sense as they work together to build a feature but in a larger company it’s a recipe for chaos. Knowing how and when to define a roadmap, who to include, and how long to plan for are key elements to finding the balanced approach that you need.

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Mike Behind the Mic is Product Management. After interviewing 249 product people, Mike Fishbein finally sits down to be interviewed himself. Anuraag Verma, the new host of This is Product Management, asks Mike how he’s applied the lessons he’s learned from past guests to his work and career. In this episode, you’ll learn about experimentation, iteration, and career growth.

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Product Positioning on the Product Launch Podcast. In the Product Launch podcast, Sean Boyce shares all of his insights and lessons learned from many years of building product businesses so that you can learn all about how to set your very own product business up for success. In this episode, Sean talks with April Dunford about product positioning and her book Obviously Awesome.

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