February 28

Top Product Management Videos

Would you like to pick up some useful product management knowledge? Do you need to take a break from tweaking your roadmap for the 14th time? It may be time to check out some popcorn worthy videos that are safe for work. Here are five product management videos that inform, entertain and give you a break from the day to day, at least for a few minutes.

How to Crack the Product Manager Interview. Different organizations have a different understanding of what a product manager is. This drives different expectations about the preferred characteristics of their product managers. Gayle McDowell explains how to prepare for Product Manager interviews, what top companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft really look for, and how to tackle the toughest problems.

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The build trap — a lesson for product managers. Are you building what your customers want, or are you just building? When successful companies first started out, they had to constantly deliver value to understand what their users wanted. This grew their business. Many large companies that have been around for decades, or even newer startups that have found some stability, fall into a dangerous place called “The Build Trap”. They continue building feature after feature, without stopping to validate it’s what customers truly want and need. This is due in part to poor understanding of Product Strategy, Product Management, and how to manage teams. Melissa Perri explains that in order to get out of “The Build Trap”, businesses need to restructure their thinking to focus on finding value for the user through experimentation to achieve business goals.

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Agile product ownership in a nutshell. If you’ve ever wanted a good overview of how a product person should interact with their development team, watch Henrik Kniberg’s Agile product ownership in a nutshell. It’s often been described as a two-day product ownership class condensed down into 15 minutes and it provides a practical overview of techniques and approaches that you’ll find helpful for working effectively with your development team.

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20 years of product management in 25 minutes.  Dave Wascha started as a product manager 20 years ago working on Internet Explorer 4.0. Since then he’s had his share of successes and failures in a storied career spanning the US and Europe. In this video, Dave distills those 20 years of experience into twelve key lessons he wished his younger self knew. The good thing is these twelve lessons are extremely helpful for any product person at any stage of their career.

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Powerful Product Positioning.  Positioning can make or break a new product, yet it rarely gets the attention it deserves. April Dunford outlines a product positioning process that will shine a spotlight on your product’s best features. April also provides re-positioning examples and shows the impact on the overall business that resulted from that shift in context.

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