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Ultimate Guide to Product Management Podcasts

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People in the product management community are not only good about sharing lots of information, they are also good at varying the way in which they share that information. If you prefer to read to find out about other product people’s experiences, there are plenty of articles and newsletters that you can read. If you prefer to listen to their experiences, you can attend a conference, or you can listen to one of the many podcasts that are out there covering a wide range of product management topics.

Here’s a list of the podcasts that we recommend you listen to for a wealth of product management goodness. These podcasts vary in formats ranging from interviews with experienced product managers and product leaders to Q&A formats to conversational podcasts that combine elements of both. Check these podcasts out, subscribe to the ones you want to hear on a regular basis, or search the archives for episodes from different podcasts to get multiple perspectives on a particular topic.


If you’re an entrepreneur, product manager, or anyone working in tech, the Rocketship.fm podcast is essential listening.

That’s mostly because the podcast covers key topics including product management, growth, sales, and funding. It’s also because the folks here at Product Collective partner to produce the podcast, and our own Mike Belsito hosts the podcast along with Michael Sacca, General Manager at Dribble.

Rocketship.fm uses a combination of entertaining storytelling and insightful interviews to inspire and change the way you think about product and business. The podcast is organized into seasons consisting of several episodes covering a specific topic.


Intercom on Product

Intercom, a maker of a popular all-in-one customer communication platform, is really good at sharing how their business works, including their approach to product development.

In their podcast, Intercom on Product, Intercom Co-Founder Des Traynor and SVP of Product Paul Adams share their latest thoughts on how to build a great product.

The episodes come out every few months and are like listening in on Des and Paul having an in-depth conversation on some topic pertinent to product management.

Some of those topics include how to run a product organization at scale, how to balance customer feedback on your product roadmap, how to spread a product-first mentality throughout a company, and how to maintain design excellence in a fast-growing R&D team.

If you’re a product designer, product manager, engineer, or anyone working in product development, you’ll find these periodic conversations really valuable.


The Product Experience Podcast

In addition to hosting conferences and providing a community for product people, the folks at Mind the Product also produce The Product Experience podcast.

Lily Smith, Head of Innovation at Go Compare, and Randy Silver, an interactive producer and product manager, host the podcast. The pair couples their deep background in product management with the specific experiences of their guests.

In each weekly episode, Lily and Randy chat with product people from around the globe. The topics include solving real problems, developing awesome products, building successful teams, and developing careers.


This is Product Management

One of the longest-running product management podcasts, This Is Product Management highlights the wide variety of disciplines involved in product management.

The podcast is produced by Feedback Loop, the agile research platform for rapid consumer feedback.

The podcast has a rotating set of hosts who interview guests with unique insights into how different disciplines play into modern product teams.

If you’ve ever wondered if a particular business topic is related to product management, check the archive of this podcast. Chances are that there’s an episode covering that topic.


Product Love

Have you ever had a product with which you had an incredible and joyous connection?

If so, you’ve had what Eric Boduch, Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder of Pendo, refers to as “product love.”

In his Product Love podcast, Eric asks leading industry product managers and their brilliant teams what makes certain products so lovable.

This podcast dives into the evolving craft of product management and trends in the industry with the best executive product leaders across various disciples.


Product Thinking Podcast

Successful product management isn’t just about working side by side with developers every day to build better products. It’s also about discovery, how an organization approaches product as a whole, and leveling up product leadership accordingly.

Melissa Perri, product coach and Founder of ProduX Labs, covers these topics and more in the Product Thinking podcast.

The weekly podcast episodes alternate between interviews with product management and Q&A sessions that answer your most pressing product questions.

Tune in each week or check out the archive to level up your skill set and invest in yourself as a product person.


One Knight In Product Podcast

If you’re involved in designing, managing, building or marketing products, you’ll want to listen to Jason Knight’s One Knight in Product podcast.

Jason is Product Lead at DueDil, a London-based RegTech startup, and has a history building disruptive products.

One Knight in Product is a fireside chat-style podcast in which Jason speaks with people in and around product management to get their perspectives, learn from their experiences, and share their stories.

The podcast covers a range of guests from seasoned product leaders to people trying to break into product management.

Listen to One Knight in Product to get some inspiration from a wide range of experiences, work more effectively, build better products, and be a better leader.


The ProductLed Podcast

Looking for a regular diet of useful information about product-led growth? Every week, there’s a new episode of the ProductLed podcast that dissects how world-class product leaders use their product to grow their business.

The ProductLed podcast has two product growth experts who alternate hosting the podcast. Those include Wes Bush, Founder and CEO of ProductLed, and Maja Voje, growth advisor and practitioner.

Most episodes of the podcast feature interviews with product-led growth experts. Some episodes feature conversations between two of the hosts.


How I Built This with Guy Raz

If you want to understand product management in tech companies, it’s helpful to understand how those tech companies have been built.

How I Built This is a great podcast to get that kind of insight. How I Built This is hosted by Guy Raz, an independent producer and former journalist.

The podcast dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best-known companies. How I Built This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists—and the movements they built.


Product Science Podcast

The world of product management places a large emphasis on experimentation, which means that it’s helpful to understand the scientific process. Holly Hester-Reilly’s Product Science Podcast provides insight into how the scientific process and product management intersect.

Holly is a product coach, founder of H2R Product Science, and former product manager and product leader.

The podcast is for startup founders and product leaders building high-growth products, teams, and companies. It features real conversations with the people who have tried it and aren’t afraid to share the lessons they’ve learned (and the mistakes they’ve made) along the way.


Get much more by downloading this 18,000 word Ultimate Guide for Product Managers. Find the best newsletters, communities, books, and valuable articles on product discovery, strategy, careers and more!




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