May 21

Use A/B Testing to Decide With Data, Not Opinions

There are times when you have one clear choice for a solution. There are other situations where you have two, or more, good options to pick from. In those cases, A/B testing helps you pick the best option with actual data as opposed to relying solely on opinion.

Product management 101: A/B testing. A data-driven product manager wants to ensure that each piece of his or her product is working as effectively as possible. That means regularly tweaking certain aspects of the product in order to improve their overall performance. One way to do this is through A/B testing. Rekha Venkatakrishnan explains what A/B Testing is and when to use it.

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A product manager’s notes on A/B testing. Over the last couple of years, Gautham Srinivas has run and reviewed dozens of A/B tests and has been trying to understand why some of these experiments add a lot of value, while others don’t. Based on that experience, Gautham digs into the details of A/B tests and explains why some of these details should not be taken for granted.

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How to A/B test your pricing (and why it might be a bad idea). Choosing the right pricing for your product is a little bit like Goldilocks. Too high, and you risk alienating a large majority of your potential customers. Too low, and you likely won’t have enough revenue to run a sustainable business. Caroline Forsey dives into the pros and cons of A/B testing your pricing — and how to do it so that you can get it just right.

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19 Best A/B testing tools in 2021.  To get better business performance from your website, you need to test your way to success because best practices and the latest design trends aren’t always going to work for your users. This means A/B testing and you’re going to need a few things to make this happen: the right KPIs, access to the necessary data, and a good set of CRO tools it takes to run successful tests. Aaron Brooks helps you with the last item on that list by running through the best A/B testing tools on the market right now.

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The power of A/B testing in product development.  In the world of information overload and data noise, it is becoming harder to make decisions. A/B testing has proven to be a great method for making more confident and data-driven decisions. You have to assume that the best ideas in your backlog require multiple iterations in order to achieve the goal that you have set. To eliminate the guessing game, it has become a standard to use A/B testing to find out what is the best solution to a given user problem. Tagui Manukian explains the what, why, when, and how of A/B Testing.

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