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When to Launch a Product

Product managers ask and are asked many difficult questions. One that often floats to the top of the list is “when will that product launch?” That question is difficult because there are a lot of factors that play into when you should launch, when you can launch, and whether you should promise a launch date at all. Here are some resources that explore the things you should consider when, and if, you set your product launch dates.

What is the best day and time to launch a product? The moment when you unveil your product to the world can make or break its impact on the market. That’s why picking the right date for premiering your product is so crucial to the overall success of your startup. Paweł Łubiarz prepared this simple guide to help you choose the right date for premiering your product and making a big splash all over the media.

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Determining the right timing for a product launch. Launch timing is a key factor that determines if your startup will be successful. If your idea comes too early, customers may not be ready for it. If your idea comes too late, you may not be able to squeeze in front of a market crowded with competitors. You can’t ignore timing even though there’s no scientific process for determining it. Eric Dickmann describes some steps you can take to determine the right timing for your launch.

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How to create a timeline for a successful product launch. Every good product deserves a great launch. With all the work you’ve put into creating your beautiful, world-changing product, you need to make sure it gets the recognition it’s due. The product launch plan can help you accomplish that. Dani Steward provides this general timeline of steps to take to help you gain momentum and have a successful launch.

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What are late product launches really costing you? Given the tremendous effort and resources that a new product launch requires, product launch delays can cost an organization a significant percentage of its return on investment. Rebecca Henry explores the impact of communication and collaboration on the timing of product launches and how to improve your time-to-market and compete more effectively within your own industry.

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Why are product managers still using a timeline?  Andrea Saez loves product roadmaps, especially outcome-based ones. She also likes to understand why and how decisions are made. So it’s no surprise that she wanted to dig into why there are some product managers who still tightly hold on to timelines, including setting launch dates. Here’s what she found out.

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