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Working with UX Designers

As a product manager you constantly need to balance desirability, feasibility, and viability. Your team helps you maintain that balance. The UX designers on your team focus on desirability, which is great if you don’t have a UX background. But when your background is UX you may experience friction with your UX team member. These resources will provide some guide on keeping the balance with your UX designer in order to build a desirable product.

5 Tips for product managers to work better with UX designers. User experience is a key part of product development, so it’s important to understand what UX is, what it stands for and what defines a UX designer. Knowing as much as possible about the UX designers on your team helps you to work with as effectively with them as possible. Sylvia Giltner shares some tips for working with UX designers from a product manager’s perspective so that you can establish an effective working relationship.

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Five reasons why UX design and product management are a perfect match. Empathy, having a common goal, and excellent communication are traits that are important when thinking about your users and when establishing relationships with UX designers. Abbey Fitzgerald takes a look at why product management and ux design are a perfect match from a UX perspective.

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The unexpected ways that product managers can benefit from UX design. The competing demands between product managers and UX designers in an organization can lead to a tussle for control and a great deal of friction. Effective product managers and ux designers both champion the user so their effective collaboration is essential for bringing a new product to market. Malte explains why product managers and UX designers should come together as a team, and how you can start working more productively as a pair.

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A product manager’s guide to working with UX design teams. If you’re trying to ship a product within a tight timeframe, you may experience quite a bit of friction between product management and UX design. This shows up as haphazard design goals, a lack of clarity in how the pieces fit together, and no common language to describe the problem you’re trying to solve. All of these issues can easily lead to a crappy product. Sarah Khalid describes five things you can do to reduce the friction with your UX designers and produce a product that hits the mark with your users.

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7 ways for Product Managers to build great relationships with UX Designers. “While product management and UX design are not the same thing, they are complementary. An alignment of the two is inevitable for those who want to ship an excellent product on both the user-side and the business side. Product managers who ignore their users will never deliver great products and UXers who neglect the business side of their mission will find themselves creating experiences without users.” The folks at Talent Garden Rainmaking shared 7 tips on how to keep Product Management and UX aligned and the relationship between the two healthy and smooth.

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