Data-Driven Product

MAGGIE JAN @ Industry 2015
Data Scientist, | San Francisco, CA

Most of us know how important data analytics is to building good products. However, services like Google Analytics often amount to data porn illustrating highlights and lowlights of user activities without telling a real story. Maggie Jan, a data scientist at who spoke at Industry last year, insists that you must be disciplined in order to find data trends that matter.

Important revelations can be made by looking at data that you’ve collected about your product over time. Especially if from the very start you knew what you wanted to measure. These metrics should be understandable, comparable and meaningful and relate to a few key items that are important to your business model. If you do this, data analytics can be ‘your guiding star’ and keep your company on course.

Data analytics is not just for reviewing past experiences. It’s crucial that you are prepared to react to what you are seeing and so make major corrections to your course if necessary. And that means being humble in your opinions, trusting the results of your measurements and using data analytics to guide the next stages of development.

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