September 11

Choosing the Right Product Stack

When picking the Product Management tools you’re going to use you can’t look at each tool in isolation. You need tools that complement each other, don’t overlap too much, and keep conflicts to a minimum. You need to consider your entire product stack. Here are some resources that explain what a product stack is and how to decide what tools to include in it.

What is a product stack?  The folks at ProductPlan explain that a product stack refers to the apps, technologies, and other resources product managers use to bring their products to market. The term is borrowed from the development community, which often describes its team’s toolkits as their development stack or tech stack.

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How do you decide on your stack of product management tools? The complexity of the product management role has been well recognized by software developers. Unlike in the past when product managers were dependent on spreadsheets, slides, and a generic project management software, today there is a whole gamut of tools available to manage the complete range of tasks. In fact, we are literally spoilt for choice. The folks at Hakuna Matata Solutions explore different ways to categorize product management tools in order to select the ones that work for you.

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Pick the right product management tool for your PMs. Picking the right tool for your product management practice goes a long way in making your product managers (and hence your products) successful. Neetu Jain shares her experiences selecting a product management tool as well as a comprehensive analysis of Jira portfolio management versus AHA.

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How to pick the right tools for your experiments.  Are you ready to get started with your experiment but need to find the right tool? Thomas Leiterman shares learnings and examples from some of the numerous experiments he ran over the past two years at Inovex. He looks at how you can learn from your mistakes, describes how easy it is to get started with today’s tools, and explains why he believes experimentation is more than A/B testing.

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Which product analytics tool is right for your stack? 13 options explored. With everything you have to do as a product manager, you may have wondered how you can efficiently spread your time between communicating internally and listening externally. Adam Cookes explains that you can use analytics tools to monitor user trends and see how they are engaging with the product. These analytics tools can be seamlessly embedded into existing workplace systems, ensuring a smooth workflow. There are dozens of product analytics solutions to pick from, so Adam compiled a list of 13 product analytics tools and platforms for your team to start measuring various elements of your product.

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