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Tools that help product people

Product managers generally create products to solve others’ problems. Some product managers realized it was easier just to solve their own problems and create a product for product managers. If you find you’re facing a problem where you think a tool would come in handy, take a look at these lists to see if a fellow product manager has done you a favor.

Product management tools: What should your product stack include? When you think of product management tools, you probably think of product analytics software, development tracking tools, and roadmapping software. But your job involves a lot more than gathering product insight, tracking the backlog, and reviewing the product roadmap. To identify some of those additional tools, Shaun Juncal put together this list of product management tools to help you excel in your role.

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A curated list of tools and software for product managers in 2020. You aren’t always able to pick the team and product that you get to work on, but you can sometimes pick the product management tools you use. Roy Cobby put together this (not exhaustive) list of product management tools and software that can help you to achieve PM excellence in 2020. Its division in categories should help you think about your needs and identify a tool that will help you improve your productivity, communication, and results.

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Which tools do product managers use? Back in the day, you had limited resources to help you lead a product from conception to completion. You used to (or maybe still do) rely on spreadsheets, presentation decks, and general project management software to create roadmaps, capture ideas, prioritize features and define requirements. Unfortunately, these tools were not created with product managers in mind. The folks at Aha! put together this list of tools to help make your job easier. The list includes tools that will help you set product strategy to the tactical side of building out features and creating wireframes.

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The best product manager tools.  Being able to use the right tool is important for any job, and especially for Product Managers. Sometimes you have a say in what tools your organization uses, sometimes you don’t. Thaisa Fernandes shared this list of tools PMs use on a daily/weekly basis, some of which you can start using on your own. The tools range from code repositories to roadmap creation to user research and email marketing.

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Best product management tools in 2020.  Clement Kao compiled this guide to product management tools based on conversations with hundreds of product managers who revealed the most popular product management tools and product management tools that they currently use on the job.

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