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Customer Interview Techniques

Some customers are more than happy to volunteer feedback about your product, but sometimes you want to hear from those who don’t volunteer their point of view. Customer interviews are a great way to get that feedback. You want to make sure you approach those interviews in the right way in order to get meaningful feedback. Otherwise, you may be forced to rely on those who really want you to know what they think.

Effective user interviews. “As a product manager, your objective is to create products that solve user pain. To solve the pain of your users, you need to understand them first – and user interviews are a fantastic way to get to know your user better.” To help you get started, Clement Kao put together this guide that lays out the clear steps to prepare for a user interview, to conduct a user interview, and to capture learnings from the user interview.

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3 Psychology-backed customer interview techniques to get rich customer data. What do you do when you find yourself in the middle of a customer interview and you realize after a few single-word answers that your customer is just not a talker? Hannah Shamji suggests three psychology-backed strategies to move beyond the awkward silence and glean rich nuggets of insight, even when your customer dishes out the tiniest of sentence fragments.

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How to conduct customer interviews (Even when you don’t have customers).  Thomas Carney shares some stories and examples from his own experience to explain some key aspects of conducting customer interviews with people who aren’t your customers. Those aspects include how to glean unexpected insights from customer conversations, how to find prospects to interview via LinkedIn, how to track who you’ve talked to and why he transcribes and highlights interviews instead of taking notes.

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8 Open-Ended Questions to Ask in Customer Interviews.  Customer interviews can help you learn a lot about how and why people use your products and where your products may fall short. Customer interviews also provide an excellent avenue for product feedback, enabling you to dig into the root of customer challenges, uncover new opportunities, and better understand the “why” behind customer needs and behavior. But, getting customers to open up takes some skill. Heather McCloskey shares a set of open-ended customer interview questions you can use to understand customers’ user cases and pain points in no time.

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The ultimate guide to customer interviews. “Customer interviews are, as the name suggests, doing interviews with your customers. They don’t have to be formal, or scary, or even very long. They’re just an opportunity for you to get a glimpse into how your customers interact with your product and brand every day. But you didn’t come here to learn the obvious.” Carrie Boyd explores what customer interviews can actually do for your business, and how you can make the most of them.

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