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Common mistakes when collecting feedback from customers

Customer feedback is invaluable when you’re trying to improve your product. But since it’s an inherently human activity, you’re bound to make mistakes. The trick is to know what mistakes to avoid so that you can get some real value out of all that great customer feedback.

5 Things everyone gets wrong about customer feedback. The difference between a good and a great company is how much importance you put into customer feedback! Of course you can put a lot of emphasis on customer feedback and still not get a lot out of it because of mistakes and missteps. The folks at TrustedExpert share the top 5 things everyone gets wrong about customer feedback in the hopes that you can avoid them and get even more value out of your customer feedback.


5 Customer feedback mistakes to avoid. It is rare to see or answer a perfect survey because every customer feedback form is bound to have a mistake or two in them. More often than not, we pay no regard to it but sometimes these mistakes are so glaringly obvious, it’s hard not to ignore them. You might not be aware of it, but you might have already made these mistakes. In fact, they might be any of the five we’ve listed down below. Sean Si describes five mistakes you’ll want to avoid in your feedback surveys.

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11 Customer satisfaction survey mistakes to avoid.  “If you’re curious about your customers’ thoughts and opinions about your company, it’s best to ask them yourself rather than waiting for them to reach out or post a public online review — which may be negative and end up harming your reputation.” Customer satisfaction surveys are a good way to gauge customer satisfaction in a private and actionable way. Swetha Amaresan explains 11 mistakes you’ll want to avoid with customer satisfaction surveys so that you can get the most out of the results.

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12 big mistakes when collecting and analyzing customer feedback. “Are you getting the most out of your customer feedback? How can you ensure your feedback will transfer to solid actionable insights that make a difference to your business?” Alyona Medelyan shares some common mistakes she’s seen companies do when collating and analyzing feedback – make sure you’re not committing these faux pas. Once you’ve got the deep insights that are also accurate, they can transform your business strategy.

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Mistakes when taking in product feedback.  Josh Feinsilber has a really great problem. He has too much product feedback. Unlike most products that have to repeatedly go out and ask for feedback, Josh is swimming in it. His customers voice their suggestions and ideas for new features. Where he’s made his mistakes is acting on that feedback. In this post Josh describes his biggest mistake in responding to feedback and what he did about it.

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