November 12

How to get insights from product analytics

Data can certainly help you understand your customers and make sure your product meets their needs. But data alone does not provide insights or make the necessary changes to make your product truly successful. You have to interpret the data that product analytics provides to determine what you should do with your product. These resources provide some insights into how you can do that.

What is product management analytics? Product management analytics include data from digital products that reveal insights about the user experience, helping teams build better products. But product management analytics can only tell you what’s happening in your product—it can’t actually make changes. Harsh Patel describes product analytics and explains how to ask the right questions, track the right product metrics, and act on the insights.

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The Amplitude guide to product analytics. The success and growth of any business depends on understanding who your customers are and what they expect from your product. Product analytics takes you to the next level in measuring product performance. It takes raw data and turns it into something meaningful, giving your entire team critical insights into the customer journey and digital experience.The folks at Amplitude break down what product analytics is, why you need it, and how to get started using it.

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Product analytics vs product experience insights: what’s the difference? Product analytics is hard data that helps you identify where your product is working and where it’s falling short. But product analytics data doesn’t tell the full story of the user experience (UX). Product experience (PX) insights help you connect the dots between what’s happening and why it happens. The folks at Hotjar explain the differences between product analytics and PX insights and how you can use them together.

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How product analytics maturity feeds a product-led startup strategy The success of a product-led startup depends on having a crystal clear understanding of the value your product drives for users in the first place. And that depends on—you guessed it—having access to the right data. Hannah Maslar explains how a mature approach to product analytics can help your product-led startup succeed.

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19 Product manager analytics you need to know. Product managers are responsible for maximizing customer value, and they need to be able to understand their customers in order to do this. Product manager analytics helps them better understand how their products are being used so that they can make more informed decisions about future iterations and releases. Josh Fechter introduces 19 different great product manager analytics metrics and tools that you should know about if you’re aiming for a position of responsibility at your company.

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