November 5

Use Product Metrics to Know the Score Along the Way

Imagine playing basketball where you only knew the score after the game was over. Do you think that might impact in-game adjustments or decrease the number of stunning comebacks? That’s the situation product managers face when they only rely on business metrics like revenue to know how they’re doing. Thankfully there are product metrics to let you know how things are going along the way, while there’s still time to adjust.

Product metrics that matter. Product metrics allow measuring product progress and creating alignment in an outcome-oriented way. They develop an appetite for experimenting and being data-informed/inspired. Cláudia Delgado explains if you don’t use product metrics, you’re at a disadvantage. You’ll understand less about users, be prone to opinions, take unnecessary risks, work harder instead of smarter, and have less understanding of your work’s impact.

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16 Customer Success Metrics and KPIs to Track in 2021. Suzan Çalcalı has questioned success her entire life. She kept asking herself, “what defines success?” She doesn’t need to ask the same philosophical questions while doing her job. That’s because she has metrics she can use to measure success. Susan covers the essential customer success metrics and the KPIs that you need to track for a better CS operation.

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15 Product management KPIs and metrics to track in 2021. Product management KPIs and metrics help product managers monitor the performance of their product to ensure that the company is improving and working towards a successful product strategy. But what are product management KPIs and metrics, and how can they help you? And more importantly, which metrics should you be tracking? Greg Swan discusses everything you need to know about product management KPIs and takes a look at the fifteen best product management metrics you need to track today.

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What metrics are the most important for your product?  The SaaS industry is full of advice on the perfect product metrics to gauge your users’ activation, engagement, and interactions. But how do these concepts translate into real product improvements? If you don’t know exactly what questions you want to be answered, these product metrics leave you blinded by the very data you hoped would open your eyes. Nick Odlum And Kevin Mcnally explain how to answer the key questions about your product and business, and provide data that can inform product team decisions.

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2021 Product Benchmarks.  If you’d like to get an idea of how your metrics line up with other companies of your same size or in your market check out the 2021 Product Benchmarks report that OpenView Ventures produced in partnership with your friends here at Product Collective.

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